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Phone: +47 6385 4500
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Address: NO-1930 Aurskog, Norway


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Think Nordic AS is a Norwegian electric car manufacturing company.

The company manufactures electric cars under the Think brand.



The company was originally founded December 1991 in Oslo, as Pivco (for "Personal Independent Vehicle"). The first practical prototype, the PIV2, like the vehicles that followed, were built around a chassis made of aluminum, carrying a body made of polyethylene thermoplastic that is rotomolded in one piece.

10 of a total of 15 prototypes were built in time for the Lillehammer Olympic Winter Games in 1994. The battery technology was Nickel-cadmium, driving an three-phase AC induction motor via the front wheels.

The PIV2 was followed by the PIV3, the City Bee (called Citi in the US), introduced in 1995. 120 of these were produced, 40 of which participated in the San Francisco Bay Area Station Car Demonstration project from 1995 to 1998.

Based on the experiences from the prototypes, Pivco then went on to develop their first true production model, PIV4, later called the TH!NK, with Lotus Cars being used as consultants. The basic construction concept from the prototypes were retained, except that the roof was made of ABS plastic, and the lower frame chassis elements were made of steel. The production model had a range of up to 85 km between charges, and a top speed of 90 km/h.

Development took more time and resources than anticipated, so when development of the production model was finished in 1999, finances had dried up. The company was then acquired by the Ford Motor Company, who could start production of the TH!NK City. Ford even embraced the TH!NK concept, and marketed an electrically driven bicycle as well as a golf carts under the same brand.

Production ceased in 2002, after a total of 1005 units had been made. Many of these cars participated in station car projects in California and in New York City.

Probably mainly due to changes in the California zero-emissions vehicle policy, Ford gave up Think in 2003-01-31. The company was sold to KamKorp Microelectronics of Switzerland. Development of a successors to the City was subsequently halted.

Recently, the company has turned its attention to development of the Think Public, a micro size electric bus to be rented to customers for inner city travel.


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