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Phone: +1 441 295 69 35
Fax: +1 441 295 34 94
Address: PO Box HM 1593, Par-la-Ville Place, 14 Par-la-Ville Road, Hamilton, Bermuda HM 08, Bermuda
Geocode: 32.3016;-64.7982


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Founding: 1985
Key people:


Parents: Hemen Holding (?%)
Subsidiaries: Frontline Management AS, Frontline Management (Bermuda), Frontline Management (UK)
Affiliates: Ship Finance International, Golden Ocean Group, Golar LNG
Partners: OMI Corporation
Competitors: Bergesen, Teekay Shipping, AP Moller Group, Overseas Shipholding Group, General Maritime Corporation, Tsakos Energy Navigation, Torm, Knightsbridge Tankers, Nordic American Tankers, Euronav


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Frontline Ltd. NASDAQ: FRO is a major, Bermuda based, oil tanker company.

As of 2004, Frontline Ltd. is the world's largest sea-borne transporter of crude oil.

The company's fleet consists of 66 tankers, totaling 16.4 million [[wikipedia:Dead weight tonnage|dead weight tons].

The company's largest shareholder is Hemen Holding Ltd., a company indirectly controlled by the chairman of Frontline, billionaire John Fredriksen, Norway's highest net worth person.

Frontline's vessels are all owned by, or chartered to, separate subsidiaries or associated companies.



Commercial management of Frontline's shipowning subsidiaries, including chartering and insurance. Each vessel owned by Frontline is registered under Bahamas, Liberian, Singaporean, Norwegian or Panamanian flag.



  • Chairman, President, and CEO: John Fredriksen - He owns about 48% of Frontline.
  • CFO, Frontline Management: Tom E. Jebsen


Frontline Ltd. was founded as Frontline AB in 1985, and listed on the Stockholm stock exchange.

In 1997 the company moved from Sweden to Bermuda, and listed its stock on the Oslo Stock Exchange in Norway.

After a merger in 1998, the company has also been listed on the London Stock Exchange and on NASDAQ.


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