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Yleisradio Oy




Web: http://www.yle.fi
Phone: +35 8 9 14801
Fax: +35 8 9 1480 3215
Address: Radiokatu 5, Helsinki, Finland


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Yleisradio Oy (or YLE) is a national Finnish publicly-funded radio and television broadcaster

The company operates five national television channels and thirteen radio channels and services complemented by 25 regional radio programmes. The Finnish public broadcasting system is in many respects modelled after the one used in the United Kingdom, and Yleisradio shares many traits with its British counterpart, the BBC.

Yleisradio is a public limited company, owned by an independent foundation, and funded through a licensing fee, which is allocated by the Finnish Parliament. Its status could be described as that of a quasi-autonomous non-government organisation.

One of the best known international service of YLE is Nuntii Latini, news in Latin, broadcast worldwide and also available over the Internet.

Finland is a bilingual country, with Swedish spoken as the mother-tongue of around 6% of the population. YLE provides radio and tv programming in Swedish via two departments;Finlands Svenska Television and Finlands Svenska Radio.

Yleisradio was founded in 1926.

The television licence fee in Finland is €186,60 per year, which pays for YLE.



  • YLE TV1 The news, current affairs and factual journalism channel, documentaries, drama, cultural and educational programmes. Satirical entertainment, quality cinema and British production.
  • YLE TV2 The main channel for children's, teenagers' and sport programmes, also drama, entertainment and factual programmes. Emphasis in current affairs output is on domestic items, regional content and citizens' journalism.
Digital Channels
  • YLE24 The digital channel for news, current affairs and events. 24-hour news output also to e.g. internet and mobile receivers.
  • YLE Teema The digital channel for culture, education and science. Recordings of performing art, classical music, art and history documentaries, films and theme broadcasts.
  • YLE FST The digital Swedish-language full service channel broadcasting news, factual and children's programmes and entertainment. Nordic films, series and serials. Many programmes carry Finnish subtitles.
International Channels
  • TV Finland Digital satellite channel showing a selection of YLE and MTV3 progammes.
  • Teletext (Teksti-tv) News, sport and programme information round the clock on both analogue and digital television. Theme pages e.g. on the weather, traffic, work and leisure.


  • YLE Radio 1 A radio channel for culture, in-depth current affairs and talk programmes. Classical music (concerts by the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra), jazz, folk, world music and religious music.
  • YLEX A fast-tempoed programme-flow channel featuring new music and in tune with popular culture, targeted at 17-27-year-olds. Percentage of music 70%. New domestic and foreign pop and rock, and several special music programmes.
  • YLE Radio Suomi The national and regional news, service and contact channel, also sport and entertainment. Musical fare comprising domestic and foreign hits, adult and nostalgic pop.
  • YLEQ Everyday features, politics and popular culture of interest to young adults. Analogue reception area Greater Helsinki and environs, digitally the South of Finland. New and fairly new pop and rock. Broadcast also on digital television.
  • YLE Radio Extrem (RADIO X3M) A Swedish-language channel for current affairs debate and popular culture broadcasting also news, children's programmes and sport. New pop and rock and special music programmes.
  • YLE Radio Vega News, current affairs and culture in Swedish for all audience groups, also offering culture and regional programmes. Adult pop, jazz and classical music.
  • Sámi Radio A Sámi-language network covering northern Lapland. A joint network with SVT (Sweden) and NRK (Norway).
Digital Services
  • YLE Radio Peili The digital news and current affairs channel presenting talk programmes from YLE's other radio and television channels. Classical jazz. Also broadcast on digital television and MW (analog).
  • Ylen Klassinen The 24-hour digital supplementary service of classical music also broadcast on digital television.
  • YLE VegaPlus
International Services
  • YLE Radio Finland The external service of YLE broadcasting in Finnish, Swedish, English and Russian on Shortwave, MW satellites and on the Internet.
  • YLE World and YLE Mondo Radio Finland's digital programme services in English and other main languages.
  • Capital FM channel compiled from Radio World's and Mondo's programming in Greater Helsinki, and partly in Turku, Lahti and Kuopio.
  • Educational Channels: in Turku, Kuopio, Lahti and Mikkeli.

External links

  • svenska.yle.fi - Svenska YLE. Official site in Swedish.
  • Nuntii Latini - News in Latin
  • TV Maksuhallinto (licensing organization)

Audio streams

  • Radio Peili, Real Audio, 22 kBit/s
  • Radio Peili, Media Player, 32 kBit/s
  • Multifoorumi, Real Audio, 21 kBit/s
  • Multifoorumi, Media Player, 48 kBit/s
  • YLE Arkki, Real Audio, 22 kBit/s
  • YLE Arkki, Media Player, 32 kBit/s
  • Latest Radio Vega Aktuellt news bulletin in Swedish, Real Audio, 22kBit/s

Video streams

  • Latest FST Tv-nytt Swedish-language tv news bulletin, Real Video


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  • Yleisradio
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