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Energis Communications Ltd



Web: http://www.energis.com
Phone: (GB) 0800 316 1600, (Northern Ireland) 0808 127 2000, (Ireland) 1800 885 886
Address: =London, =United Kingdom


Employees: 1992


Customers: BBC, The AA, RAC plc, The Mirror Group, Wanadoo
See also: National Grid Company, Planet Online Limited,


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Energis Communications Ltd is a UK communications company.

The company's stock used to formally float on the London Stock Exchange, but it is now a private company.

Energis provides a number of services based around its core platforms of ISP, Transmission, IP Networking (Energis has an Cisco network, using MPLS technology), Contact Center Solutions and Voice (traditional switched telephony).


Energis provides services to a number of businesses, a few of the more interesting are as follows:

  • Provides the BBC with its distribution network for Television and Radio programmes. Recently partnered with Siemens AG to win the 10-year BBC Technology outsourcing deal.
  • Provides service to support The AA and RAC plc helpline numbers.
  • Provides The Mirror Group with an ATM-based network for its editorial-to-printing process.
  • Provides network services to support the Wanadoo UK Internet Service Provider offering.


Energis was formed in 1992 as Telecom Electric Limited, out of the UK's National Grid. Its national optical fiber network is partially deployed via the overhead power transmission network of the grid.

Energis Plc

As a company floated on the London Stock Exchange Energis acquired a number of companies in the UK and Europe, including Planet Online, ISION AG and others. At one point its market captilization was over 10 billion GBP.

Planet chose Energis as the telecommunications partner to help Dixons launch the Freeserve ISP (now Wanadoo UK). Energis provided the telephony services and Planet provided the e-mail, Internet access, etc. elements.


Energis Plc was placed in Administration in July 2002, with its UK operations immediately transfered to Energis Communications Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of a holding company called Chelys. Chelys is owned by various banks, which provided 150m GBP of cash to enable Energis to continue operating. These banks were creditors of Energis Plc, and were owed circa 700m GBP, mainly raised through bond issues.


Energis has been led by a number of CEO's in its past.

  • Mar 1993 - Dec 1995 ?
  • Dec 1995 - Aug 2001 Mike Grabiner
  • Aug 2001 - Jul 2002 David Wickham
  • Jul 2002 - John Pluthero

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