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It is one thing to throw a coin to a beggar, it is another thing to address the edifice that creates beggars. - Martin Luther King, Jr.




Welcome to this site for the community against the global rise of corporate, political and religious criminality, of which the 9/11 crimes are but one example.

This website should be a place where people can create a comprehensive resource which one can refer people to (911.wikicompany.org) , so they can start their own journey out of the "matrix" of governmental, corporate and religious deceit, and help work towards sustainable solutions for these important problems.

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  • Fascism was the driver of 9/11. The fight against fascism, and the education about each individuals own sovereignty of the mind and body, is the essence of this site.
  • To research and document the truth behind all the events relating to obstruction and violation of individual sovereignty, and how this relates to the larger context of national and global fascism throughout history.
  • To show the public that much of the mainstream media is complicit, by information distraction and by not telling the real reasons underlying the acts of suppression and aggression by the state on citizens. The intention is to help expose those media traitors and to educate the people and promote truly independent media voices.
  • To stand up for our rights, here and in the rest of world. We the people have the ultimate power! So please support your society in this eternal struggle for freedom, justice and peace.

Why does it matter?

The people and organisations behind much of the the global destruction and injustice, are counting on you to be too busy, lazy, dumb or scared to look deeper into these issues.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. - Edmund Burke

Once you see the patterns of authoritarianism, even to the extent of fascism, which have infiltrated large parts of our society, both in corporations and governmental departments, then you'll have a much better understanding of the past and current events relating to:

  • Religious cult covert operations (Vatican & Jesuits, Labor Zionists, and other masonic cults)
    • And their megalomaniac New World Order conspiracy agenda.
  • Moving politics to distant international bodies, away from the people. (Examples: Bank of International Settlements, EU, NAFTA/North America Union, UN, NATO, World Bank, IMF, WIPO)
    • Hidden business deals and undemocratic politics by members of secret societies, corporations and public servants
    • Social policy bias in areas such as: land ownership, farming, housing, education, taxation, inflation, labour laws, social welfare and transportation.
    • Election fraud, political corruption and other forms of treason
    • Judicial corruption and the inadequate prosecution of various organized crime networks.
  • History falsification and its unquestioned use in books, school programs and the media.
    • Media bias, the "weapons of mass distraction and mind-control", of which television is the most effective.
  • Inhumane capitalism and environmental destruction which leads to product price inflation and lower life quality.
  • Oppression, imperialism, war and military spending
    • Fear mongering by the state using false flag operations and terrorism propaganda.

What we can do

Tell others around you about these corrupt authoritarian patterns, and demand that your political representatives (and the local and national media) do something about it. If they don't, organize discussion, protest and actions against this dangerous social corruption.

Simply talking with people, however slow and painful that process is, is the only way forward, and we have neglected it by just listening to mainstream media for much too long. This is why the Internet poses the greatest risk to the New World Order fanboys, and why it isn’t achievable anymore! Once people see the synthetic structure of individual devaluation, social separation, and fear injection, the system starts to fall apart from the core.

9/11 was their biggest mistake, and is now our starting point for a New World View. A world view in which people care to rule themselves. A world in which we live by and respect the freedom and needs of other people. A world in which we don’t take more than we need and share if we can. A world where each person can be him or herself, and tell others how rare that social miracle has been in the history of our species.

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