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Yang Liwei and Shenzhou 5 on the cover of Wen Wei Po

Wen Wei Po (文匯報) is a Hong Kong-based Chinese language newspaper, which was first established in Shanghai, Mainland China in January 1938; its Hong Kong version was launched on September 9, 1948.

The publishing of Wen Wei Po aims at supporting the new China, that is the People's Republic of China and delivering the latest development of the Mainland to readers, especially that of the recent 20 years.

Apart from this, Hong Kong Wen Wei Po also delivers the latest news and development of Hong Kong in all aspects, with comments and editorials on these issues.

Wen Wei Po is an officially recognized newspaper for publishing legal advertisement under the direction of the government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.



Wen Wei Po has around 48 pages everyday and a variety of sections, including news, sports and entertainment. Meanwhile, compared with other newspapers in Hong Kong, it has more coverage on China's politics, economy, society, education and culture, but less on stories of entertaining nature. Recently the newspaper group has started sending journalists to gather news about PRC leaders visiting different places.



Wen Wei Po smelts the abilities of News, authority, service and knowledge together, attracts readers from over 100 countries and regions of 5 continents. It is authorized to have distributions in Macau and Mainland China. Tourists can get copies of Wen Wei Po easily from hotels in large cities of the Mainland. Wen Wei Po has a greater circulation in the Mainland than that in Hong Kong, such difference may be attributable to the population size of its readers in the two regions, as well as to the relatively formal style of reporting.

As one of the most popular Hong Kong newspapers in the Mainland, Wen Wei Po publishes a lot of advertisements from enterprises of different cities in the Mainland. Even for the online version, there are also a lot of mainland advertisements posted on Wen Wei Po, where advertisements from Hong Kong organisations are relatively fewer. Its advertisement revenue is mainly supported by the market in the Mainland. This forms a great linkage between the commerce in Hong Kong and the Mainland to develop the finance and enterprises.



Wen Wei Po is regarded as a newspaper which is pro- Communist Party of China and the People's Republic of China government. Consequently, the reports are mainly on the "brighter" and the more positive side of China.

The paper is also considered as a "cleaner" paper as it includes fewer sensational reports and bloody pictures. Its reports on issues other than politics and China are considered as more reliable.



The credility of Wen Wei Po can be shown in the survey conducted by the Department of Journalism and Communication at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, entitled "Press Freedom and Political Transition in Hong Kong:A Summary of the Hong Kong Journalist Survey 1996". Wen Wei Po gained a mean of 4.68 mark, where the maximum mark is 10, among local media organizations.

Press Freedom and Political Transition in Hong Kong:A Summary of the Hong Kong Journalist Survey 1996:

  • http://www.cuhk.hk/97event/research/renglish.html

Wen Wei Po in the world

Its 33 official agencies in the Mainland, including Beijing, Shanghai and Yunnan, helps the paper gather news in the Mainland and establish relationships with local officals/advertisers. It also has corrspondents in major cities in the world, such as Tokyo, London and New York.

Wen Wei Po has 5 overseas editions. The latest edition is the Philippines edition, which was established in Manila on October 8, 2003. The other overseas editions are published in San Francisco , USA, Jakarta in Indonesia, Toronto in Canada and Bangkok in Thailand. It also has an European edition and a flight edition.


DVD Archives of Wen Wei Po

Wen Wei Po distributes a set of 13 DVD which contains all the content, including text, graphs and photographs of the newspaper in the period 1939-1998. Users can search the information they want by keywords.


Shanghai Wen Wei Po

In 1997, Shanghai Wen Wei Po merged with the Shanghai Xinmin Evening News (新民晚報) to form Wenhui-Xinmin United Press Group (文匯新民聯合報業集團) in 1997; the hearsay has been the fact that the former was in need of financial assistance.

Shanghai Xinmin Evening News is the most popular evening post in China which has a huge market share. Shanghai Wen Wei Po, as an official newspaper in Shanghai which often contained conservative and dull ideas, had lost many of its readers. As a result, these two newspapers combined together under economic considerations, with a backdown of political considerations. But Hong Kong Wen Wei Po has a different management team and does not belong to Wenhui-Xinmin United Press Group.


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