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The TiVo Inc. (tē-vō) (NASDAQ: TIVO) the company behind the personal video recorder device.

The company was started by veterans of Silicon Graphics and Time Warner's Full Service Network digital video system.

TiVo and cable television giant Comcast reached a nonexclusive distribution deal in March 2005 easing some investor concerns over TiVo's future. The companies announced the agreement saying they're working to make TiVo's service available over Comcast's cable network. The first of their co-developed products will be available in mid- to late-2006 and will use the TiVo brand.



The TiVo device is a consumer video component allowing users to capture television programming to internal hard drive storage. TiVo systems can function similarly to VCRs, but use non-removable hard-disk storage, and contain much more sophisticated software to record programming - not only programs the user specifically requests, but also other material the user is likely to be interested in. Additionally, live programs being viewed may be paused and replayed, and a program may be viewed without waiting for the "recording" to complete (time shifting).

TiVo can also refer to TiVo Inc., as well as the TiVo service, which is the network that the recorder itself communicates with.

In the United States, TiVo is sometimes used as a verb to describe the digital recording of a television program with any DVR hardware or software (e.g. "Could you TiVo Star Trek for me tonight?"). The TiVo company discourages use of TiVo as a verb for fear that it could cause the name to become a genericized trademark.

TiVo is available in consumer electronics devices and also integrated into DirecTV digital video recorders. The TiVo service is only available to the United States and the United Kingdom at present, but has also been modified by end users to work in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and The Netherlands. However, boxes are no longer sold in the United Kingdom, the service is provided only for those boxes still in service.



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