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Web: http://www.ryanair.com
Phone: +35 212 815-2345
Fax: +35 212 571-3050
Address: Dublin Airport, Dublin, Ireland


Type: transportation
Open times:
Founding: 1985
Key people:




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Ryanair (ISEQ: RYA) (LSE: RYA) NASDAQ: RYAAY is an airline based in Ireland.

Ryanair is Europe's largest low-cost carrier, operating 209 low-fare routes to 94 destinations across 17 European countries.

Over the years Ryanair has evolved into the world's most profitable airline [1], running at remarkable margins by relentlessly driving costs down. Ryanair has been characterised by rapid and continuing expansion, enabled by the deregulation of the air industry in Europe in 1997.

Ryanair is one of Europe's most controversial companies, praised and criticized in equal measure [2]. Its supporters praise its commitment to exceptionally low fares, its radical management, its populism, and its willingness to challenge what Ryanair calls the 'establishment' within the airline industry. Critics, meanwhile, have attacked its trade union policies [3], and have charged that it practises deceptive advertising [4].


Code Data

  • IATA Code: FR
  • ICAO Code: RYR
  • Callsign: Ryanair


The Ryanair fleet consists of the following aircraft (at April 2005):

  • 7 Boeing 737-200
  • 1 Boeing 737-400
  • 76 Boeing 737-800 (further 6 on order)

It currently has firm orders for an additional 225 Boeing 737-800 aircraft by 2010, with options on a further 193.



Main article: Ryanair destinations

Ryanair currently serves 209 routes between 95 airports. Its main hub is London Stansted Airport.

Ryanair has other bases throughout Europe, at:

  • Barcelona Girona
  • Dublin (DUB)
  • Frankfurt am Main (HHN)
  • London Luton Airport
  • Milan (BGY)
  • Prestwick (PIK)
  • Rome (CIA)
  • Shannon International Airport
  • Stockholm Skavsta Airport.

Most smaller airports Ryanair operates to are located farther from the city centres than their main airports. One exception is Gothenburg, Sweden, where Ryanair flies to the town's City Airport, 14 km from city centre. That's 11 km closer than the main Landvetter Airport.

Of all Ryanair's routes, the Dublin-London route remains both the busiest and the most profitable. This is largely due to the number of Irish people who live in the UK – and increasingly the number of Irish who use the route to make connecting flights to other places in Europe.



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