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MontaVista Software Incorporated




Phone: +1 408-328-9200
Fax: +1 408-328-9204
Address: 1237 East Arques Avenue, Sunnyvale, California 94085, United States
Geocode: 37.380241;-122.000962


Open times:
Founding: 1999
Employees: 170
Key people:


Parents: Alloy Ventures, Intel Capital, IBM, Sony, Siemens Venture Capital, NTT DoCoMo
Partners: see: MontaVista partners
Customers: Cyclades, Motorola, Sony
Competitors: Microsoft, Symbian, Wind River


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MontaVista Software Incorporated develops systems software, development tools and Linux-based software targeting consumer electronics which includes automotive electronics, communications equipment, and television set-top boxes and other connected devices and infrastructure.

MontaVista employs about 170 people, and has offices in Belgium, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Sweden, and the United States. MontaVista's software development is done in the United States, Russia, China and India.



MontaVista delivers three different brands of products, targetted at different markets.

  • Mobilinux. This edition, previously called "Consumer Electronics Edition" is aimed at battery-operated devices like portable multi-media players and cell phones. See also Mobilinux Open Framework website for an overview of the colloborative effort to come to a fully integrated stack. Mobilinux comes with support for Dynamic Power Management.
  • MontaVista Carrier Grade Edition. This edition is targetted at high-availability networking devices, such as network operator switches, VPN's, ADSL and GSM network services. This edition complies to OSDL Carrier Grade Linux specifications. MontaVista has started additional projects to improve this edition, among which OpenAIS and OpenIPMI.
  • MontaVista Pro Edition. This is a common denominator of the above two. Not featuring the advanced Dynamic Power Management or the extra high availability and equipment monitoring software parts. Pro is very suited for set-top boxes, SOHO devices like printers and routers, video streaming equipment and such.


MontaVista was founded in 1999 by James "Jim" Ready (previously at Mentor Graphics and creator of VRTX) and others.

MontaVista always tries to work with the Open Source community to improve Linux. Apart from the above mentioned topics, MontaVista is currently also improving Hard Real Time behaviour of the Linux kernel, in cooperation with e.g. Ingo Molnar (See this LKML post).

MontaVista Linux was used in the Motorola A760 and Motorola A768i phones by Motorola. This was despite the fact that Motorola was a founding member of a competing operating system, the Symbian OS, released in February 16, 2003 to the China market. This was also the first time Linux was used on a mobile phone. The Montavista Linux distribution is a very popular Linux distribution in consumer electronics and in Japan. Another of their products is DevRocket, an IDE based on Eclipse, an open source IDE. Both are based on Java. IDE runs on Linux, Solaris and Windows. It features a C Development Toolkit (CDT).


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