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  • Eritrea Rejects Proposed Talks Over Border Dispute With Ethiopia - Voice of America
  • Eritrea : Potable water supply to Shimangus Laelai - African News Dimension
  • An Art Exhibition portraying Eritrea opens in Rome, Italy - African News Dimension
  • Asylum applications 'lowest level in a decade' - 4RFV
  • Talks to head off recurrence of Ethiopia-Eritrea border conflict - EiTB
  • UN appeals to Ethiopia, Eritrea - News24
  • UN council calls on Ethiopia, Eritrea to resolve current impasse - People's Daily Online
  • UN council urges Eritrea and Ethiopia to attend border talks - Monsters and
  • Teenager wins Eritrea's longest race - Supersport
  • Boundary panel to call Ethiopia, Eritrea to London - Reuters South Africa
  • ... more news

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