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Template:Infobox Company The ANZ Bank (Australia And New Zealand Banking Group Limited) is the third largest bank in Australia, after the National Australia Bank and the Commonwealth Bank. In addition to operations throughout Australia and New Zealand (where the legal entity became known as the ANZ National Bank Group Ltd in 2004), it also extends itself to twenty-five other nations.

ANZ is of the ten largest and most successful companies in Australia and the leading bank and largest company in New Zealand. It is also the one of the leading banks in the South Pacific and in Asia.

ANZ was recently awarded the title of Bank of the Year for the 6th year in a row by Australia's Money Magazine.


Other countries

Other countries where you will find ANZ branches:



  • 1835: ANZ began in London when The Bank of Australasia was established under Royal charter
  • 1837:The Union Bank of Australia was established. This was an Anglo-Australian bank
  • 1852: The English, Scottish and Australian Bank was established in 1852. This was an Anglo-Australian bank
  • 1951: The Bank of Australasia merges with the Union Bank of Australia to form ANZ Bank
  • 1966: Starts operations in Honiara, Solomon Islands
  • 1968: Opens office in New York, USA
  • 1969: Establishes representative office in Tokyo, Japan
  • 1970:
In what was then the largest merger in Australian banking history, ANZ Bank merged with the English, Scottish and Australian Bank Limited to form the present organisation, Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited
Starts operations in Vanuatu
  • 1971: Opens representative office in Malaysia
  • 1976: ANZ (PNG) established
  • 1977: ANZ incorporated in Australia (transfer from UK)
  • 1979: Acquires the Bank of Adelaide
  • 1980: Singapore and New York representative offices upgraded to branch status
  • 1984: Purchases Grindlays Bank
  • 1985:
Acquires Barclays’ operations in Fiji and Vanuatu
Receives full commercial banking licence and opens branch in Frankfurt, Germany
Announces ANZ Singapore Limited
Opens representative office in Bangkok, Thailand
  • 1988:
Opens branch in Rarotonga, Cook Islands
Opens branch office in Paris, France
  • 1989: Purchases PostBank from New Zealand Government
  • 1990:
Acquires National Mutual Royal Bank Limited
Acquires Lloyds’ operations in Papua New Guinea
Acquires Bank of New Zealand’s operations in Fiji
Acquires Town and Country Building Society in Western Australia
  • 1991:
Acquires 75 per cent of Bank of Western Samoa
Opens representative office in the Philippines
  • 1993:
Joint venture established with PT Panin Bank, Indonesia
Opens a branch in Hanoi and a representative office in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Opens a branch in Shanghai and a representative office in Guangzhou, China
Starts operations in Tonga
  • 1995: Opens a commercial banking branch in Manila, Philippines, the first Australian and New Zealand bank to do so
  • 1996: launched
ANZ opens its second Vietnamese branch at Ho Chi Minh City
  • 1997:
John McFarlane appointed Chief Executive Officer
ANZ Phone Banking launched
Official opening of Beijing branch, China
Bank of Western Samoa changes its name to ANZ Bank (Samoa)
  • 1998: Acquires stake in PT Panin Bank, Indonesia
  • 1999:
ANZ Internet Banking launched
ANZ announces strategic alliance with E*Trade Australia for online share trading service
Purchases Amerika Samoa Bank
  • 2000:
ANZ sells its Grindlays businesses in the Middle East and South Asia, and associated Grindlays Private : : Banking business, to Standard Chartered
Granted local currency (Renminbi) licence from the People’s Bank of China
  • 2001:
Acquires 75 per cent of Bank of Kiribati
ANZ Timor Leste opens
Establishes cards business in Hong Kong
  • 2002:
Forms joint venture with ING Group for funds management and life insurance business in Australia and New Zealand
One millionth customer registers for ANZ Internet Banking in Australia
  • 2003: Acquires National Bank of New Zealandid:ANZ


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