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Greencore Group plc




Address: Ireland


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Subsidiaries: Irish Sugar, Odlum Group (50%), Greencore Sugar, Greencore Malt, Drummonds, Interchem, Trilby Trading, Premier Molasses, United Molasses (50%)
Affiliates: Yeast Products Company (40%)


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Greencore Group plc is a food company in Ireland.

Despite starting out in the sugar industry, Greencore is today the worlds largest sandwich maker.



  • Irish Sugar - Sugar production company.
  • Odlum Group Ltd (50%) - Cereal milling company.
  • Greencore Sugar - Ireland´s only sugar processing company.
  • Greencore Malt - 6th largest malting company in the world.
  • Drummonds - Purchase and marketing of a range of grain types. These include: feed grains, milling oats, milling wheat, malting barley, oilseeds and pulses.
  • Interchem - Agricultural and horticultural plant protection products (Herbicides, Fungicides and Insecticides), grain preservatives, root seeds and animal health products.
  • Trilby Trading - Trader and distributor of vegetable oils and fats.
  • Premier Molasses - Importer and distributor of cane and beet molasses for animal feed and industrial use
  • United Molasses (50%) - Molasses handling for animal feed and merchants.




The company was established by the Irish government in 1991 to take over Irish Sugar, the nationalised sugar production company. 55% of the group was listed on the Irish Stock Exchange that year, over the years additional placements have led to almost 100% of the shares now being in private hands. The exception is that the the Irish government holds a special share certificate (value EUR 1.26) in Irish Sugar Limited in order to prevent the Irish sugar quota being sold without its consent.


Irish Sugar

Irish Sugar, called the Irish Sugar Company (Irish: Cómhlucht Siúicre Eireann) until 1991, was established in 1933 in a drive by the then Irish Government to promote self-sufficent industry in Ireland. Whilst Irish Sugar was initially a private enterprise based in Carlow in 1926 it now has interests in various food products throughout Ireland. An additional sugar factory is based in Mallow in County Cork. The factories established in Thurles and Tuam, in the 1930s, were closed during the 1980s.

In 2005 Irish Sugar announced that it would close its facility in Carlow, this was carried out on March 11 when the facility closed for the last time.


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  • IFA and Greencore in battle for EU sugar compensation
  • IFA and Greencore in battle for EU sugar compensation
  • IFA and Greencore in battle for EU sugar compensation
  • Greencore's earnings 'set to drop 20pc'
  • Greencore pull-out to end Ireland's sugar industry
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