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This is a more detailed page about editing articles.



Company profile category

  • Don't forget to also click on the (probably) red company-category-link at the buttom of the article.
  • Edit the company-category with the following text
  • If there are other red links in the category section, please try to created those categories too.
    • Note: see the next sections on how to add new sector/region/... categories.
    • The company-founding-year category can be edited with the following text:

Important: the region category for company profile articles should reflect the service region as accurate as possible, not simply the country in which the company was founded.

Consequently, a company which only provides services to the local region (eg. a hotel or a store) should not be labelled with a country region category.


Adding a new company presence profile

  • Start editing the article by first typing:
  • Then hit the Save page' button, which will replace the template with a default textual structure used for company presence profiles.
  • Then hit the Edit link at the top of the new article, to start editing.
  • You can preview the result, by hitting the Show preview botton at the bottom of the page.
  • When you're satisfied with the article, hit the Save page button.
  • Don't forget to also click on the (probably) red company-presence-category-link at the buttom of the article.


Adding a new sector category

  • You can create a new sector category in two ways:
    • By following a red sector-category-link in a company profile, or
    • By directly typing "wiki/Category:Sectorname" in the URL of your browser.
  • Start editing the the sector-category by first typing this text:
  • Then hit the Save page' button, which will replace the template with a default textual structure used for sector categories.
  • Then hit the Edit link at the top of the category, to start editing the category text.
  • When editing sector-categories, remember to:
  • Add the sector-category to the correct parent sector(s) categories
  • That a sector-category should always be in Category:Sectors (so it is listed in alphabetical order)

Adding a new region category

To add a region category:

  • First, look at the section "Adding a new sector category" above
  • Adding a new region-category works the same, but you type:
  • Then you should add the country or city to the correct parent-region-categories, eg for Amsterdam:
[[sector:=North Holland]]

Adding an image

See also the Wikicompany:Image_policy.


Adding a logo image

  • Important note: All uploaded company logo image files must be:
    • Be the same name as the company profile article name, but written in all lowercase characters, except for the first letter (eg. "Ibm.png", not "IBM.png").
    • Be encoded in the PNG format, and suffixed with the .png extension.
  • Click on "Upload file" in the column on the left side, and fill in the upload form, then submit.
  • If you've used the standard company-profile template, you won't need to do more, otherwise you can access the logo image with this wiki syntax:

Adding an article image

If you want to add an image to an article, it is preferred to link the image remotely, using the Wikicompany:Imager extension. Here's the text to show the image shown left:
<imager>|130|140|Airplane coating</imager>
Another optione is to include an image in an article is to upload the image file, and then use the image-name like this:
[[Image:Maersk_container_ship.jpg|left|thumb|Maersk container ship]]

Deleting articles

This is one of the few things on Wikicompany which can't be done by a normal user.

  • To delete an article (or category), put the text at the top of the article:
  • Then you should ask for a deletion on Wikicompany:Votes_for_deletion, using the arguments for the deletion request.
  • After a while a wikisysop user will possibly delete the article/category.
  • Also see:
    • wikipedia:Wikipedia:Votes_for_deletion#VfD_footer
    • wikipedia:Wikipedia:Deletion_policy
    • wikipedia:Wikipedia:Deletion_guidelines_for_administrators
    • wikipedia:Wikipedia:Votes_for_undeletion

Renaming articles

When you want an article to be renamed, you can just move the article to the new name.

You move an article by clicking on the Move link at the top of an article, and then specify a new name for the article.

The old name wil then be turned into a link to the new article name, so old article pointers still work.


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