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PepsiCo, Inc.



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Template:Infobox Company PepsiCo, Inc. (NYSE: PEP) is a global snack and beverage company. The Company manufactures, markets and sells a variety of carbonated and non-carbonated beverages as well as salty, convenient, sweet and grain-based snacks, and other foods. Besides the Pepsi-Cola brands (including Mountain Dew), the company manufactures Quaker Oats, Gatorade, Frito-Lay and Tropicana. Oddly enough, PepsiCo is a slightly different company from The Coca-Cola Company, it has three times as many employees, larger revenues, and a much more expensive stock price, but a smaller net profit (See comparison at Yahoo Finance). The company formed for distribution and bottling is the Pepsi Bottling Group (NYSE: PBG). PepsiCo is a SIC 2080 (beverage) company.

Until 1997, it also owned Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell, but these fast-food restaurants were spun off into Tricon Global Restaurants, now Yum! Brands, Inc.

Former CEOs of Pepsi


PepsiCo received a 100 percent rating on the Corporate Equality Index released by the Human Rights Campaign starting in 2004, the third year of the report.

Restaurant chains

PepsiCo owned a number of restaurant chains until it exited that business in 1997, selling some, and spinning off others into a new company Tricon Global Restaurants (now known as Yum! Brands, Inc.).

List of soft drinks produced by PepsiCo

Juices and juice drinks

Sport nutrition and energy


  • Aquafina
  • Aquafina Essentials, enhanced water, varieties include Daily C, Multi-V, Calcium+, B-Power
  • Chippewa Spring Water
  • FlavorSplash, flavored water tagged "From the Makers of Aquafina."
  • Klarbrun, includes Klarbrunn Pure Drinking Water, Klarbrunn Tropikals, and Klarbrunn Sparkling Water. Klarbrun is not owned by PepsiCo, only bottled by them.

Discontinued lines

External links

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  • WAREHOUSER - Ft Collins, CO - PepsiCo - Fort Collins, CO
  • WAREHOUSER - PepsiCo - Colorado Springs, CO
  • Customer Development Manager - PepsiCo - Baltimore, MD
  • Fleet Mechanic - PepsiCo - Chesapeake, VA
  • IT Financial Analyst - PepsiCo - Chicago, IL
  • Manager - PepsiCo - Plano, TX
  • Staffing Coordinator - PepsiCo - Menomonee Falls, WI
  • Manager Division Field Sales - Tropicana - PepsiCo - Tarrytown, NY
  • Human Resources Manager - Midwest North Sales Operations - PepsiCo - Minneapolis, MN
  • Human Resources Manager - Mid Atlantic Sales Operations - PepsiCo - Aberdeen, MD
  • Human Resources Manager - Midwest South Sales Operations - PepsiCo - Saint Louis, MO
  • Human Resources Manager - Heartland Sales Operations - PepsiCo - Frankfort, IN
  • Human Resources Manager - Carolinas Sales Operations - PepsiCo - Charlotte, NC
  • Human Resource Manager - Texas Sales Ops - PepsiCo - Carrollton, TX
  • Finance Manager - PepsiCo - Plano, TX
  • Human Resource Manager - Northeast Sales Ops - PepsiCo - Braintree, MA
  • Human Resources Manager - Southeast Sales Operations - PepsiCo - Atlanta, GA
  • Packaging Engineer - PepsiCo - Plano, TX
  • Senior Scientist II - PepsiCo - Barrington, IL
  • Pepsi Senior Manager Marketplace Initiatives - PepsiCo - Purchase, NY
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PepsiCo, Inc.

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