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Emirates are Islamic territories ruled by Emirs (q.v.).

Emirates (Arabic: الإمارات al-Imārāt) is anairline based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It operates services to the Middle East, Far East, Europe, Africa, Indian subcontinent, Asia-Pacific and North America. Its main base is Dubai International Airport (DXB).


Code Data

  • IATA Code: EK
  • ICAO Code: UAE
  • Callsign: Emirates


The airline was established in May 1985 by the Dubai government and started operations on 25 October 1985 with flights to Bombay, Delhi and Karachi. European destinations were added in July 1987 and Far Eastern services in June 1990. Emirates acquired a financial stake of 40% and management contract on 1 April 1998 in Air Lanka, now known as Sri Lankan Airlines. Emirates SkyCargo is the cargo subsidiary of Emirates.

For 2004-05, Emirates will pay an increased dividend of Dh368 million to the Government of Dubai, compared to Dh329 million last year. In total, the ownership will have received Dh1.1 billion from Emirates since dividends started being paid six years ago. The Dubai government is the sole owner of the company, but does not put any money into it, apart from the initial investment.

In fiscal year 2005, Emirates achieved a record result of Dh2.6 billion ($708 million) net profit from Dh19.1 billion ($5.2 billion) operating revenue in what was another difficult year for the global aviation industry, marred by high fuel prices and the natural disaster in South East Asia. Emirates carried 12.52 million passengers, 2.1 million more than the previous year. It employs 16,119 staff.

Emirates A340-500 at London Gatwick Airport, taken by Dennis Lau


Emirates operates services to the following international scheduled destinations (at January 2005): Accra, Alexandria, Amman, Athens, Auckland, Bahrain, Bangkok, Beirut, Birmingham, Brisbane, Cairo, Casablanca, Chennai, Christchurch, Colombo, Damascus, Dammam, Dar Es Salaam, Delhi, Dhaka, Doha, Dusseldorf, Entebbe/Kampala, Frankfurt, Glasgow, Hong Kong, Hyderabad, Islamabad, Istanbul, Jakarta, Jeddah, Johannesburg, Karachi, Khartoum, Kochi, Kuala Lumpur, Kuwait, Lagos, Lahore, Larnaca, London, Mahe, Male, Malta, Manchester, Manila, Mauritius, Melbourne, Milan, Moscow, Mumbai, Munich, Muscat, Nairobi, New York, Nice, Osaka, Paris, Perth, Peshawar, Riyadh, Rome, Sanaa, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney, Tehran, Tripoli, Vienna and Zurich.



The Emirates fleet consists of the following aircraft (at June 2005):

Emirates A380-800 (mock-up picture), a future fleet type

Emirates has ordered 45 Airbus A380 aircraft. It will be the third airline to receive the aircraft, after launch airline Singapore Airlines and then Qantas. 41 passenger A380s are to be purchased and 2 are to be leased from International Lease Finance Corporation (ILFC). 2 freighter A380s have been ordered for Emirates SkyCargo. The first A380 will be delivered to Emirates in October 2006 (ref: Airliner World, March 2005). As of 2005, Emirates has an orderbook of Dh110 billion, involving 97 firm orders, including 45 Airbus A380s, by far the largest of any carrier.

Emirates also has orders for 18 Airbus A340-600 aircraft and 30 Boeing 777-300ER aircraft.

The airline once operated Boeing 727's and Airbus A300's.


Other facts of interest


External links

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The picture of the Emirates A345 was taken by Dennis Lau, and taken with permission from Airliners.net.


ar:الإمارات de:Emirates fr:Emirates ja:エミレーツ航空 sv:Emirates


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