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Wikipedia article import and updates

  • Cleanup and rewrite the recently introduced company articles from Wikipedia
  • Add a "opentimes" or "open" field to the companybox-template service section (search-replace in all the DB).
    • Also replace the few instances where "hours" was used.

User Interface

  • Make the Google map extension window resizable. See:
  • Change the geo code extension syntax from:
    • 51.4977;-0.1423_type:bank, to:
    • 51.4977;-0.1423|type=bank
  • Tweak CSS style: create rounded tabs
    • top-10 CSS sites
    • png example
    • monobook hack
  • Improve (and experiment with) the Wikicompany logo (nice tools: Inkscape, Blender, The Gimp)
  • Create user-preference option to not show remote images via the "imager" extension.
  • Create user-preference option for alternative default "width" and "height" for use in the Google map extension.
  • Put the comment section field of the Wikicompany:Imager extension through the wiki-text parser.


  • Ponder the sector category labelling for: manufacturers for X, retailers for X, brokers for X, etc.
  • Insert missing links to the stock exchange pages for mainly:
    • Irish stock exchange
    • London stock exchange
    • Also: move companies listed in OMX to their city specific stock exchange category.
  • Non-english site creations (category structure synchronization)


  • Evilbot detection, blocking and damage reversal methods.
  • Setup spamassassin for the wikicompany mailinglist.


  • Logo image management issues:
    • Should the logo image link to the company's website, instead of the image-source?
  • Try using an automated image-upload tool:


  • Split "Template:blog" for the regionbox template, to use feedmap

Long term


Phase 1

  • Nearly all of the Wikipedia company articles have been imported in, and updated for, Wikicompany.
  • The user-feedback about Wikicompany is overall positive.
  • There is a small, but growing community of editors and readers.
  • The look-and-feel (html/css/search/...) of Wikicompany is nice and consistent.
    • The search functionality is beginning to suck less than it did before.
  • The first few official jobs offers are placed on Wikicompany.
  • The policy documentation is evolving through consensus, but remains simple and fair.
  • Some WikiSysops are appointed to help with vandalism-blocking and deletion requests.

Phase 2

  • We start adding company profiles for smaller companies, which aren't of encyclopedic interest.
  • We start with the first inter-wiki sites.

Phase 3

  • ...


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