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  • Fix the site layout bugs!. Too much tweaking and hacking of functionality has made the Wikicompany website styling broken in many places.
  • Image thumbnailing fails because of the use of safe_mode, but perhaps this can be fixed.
  • The use of the "&" characters fails in both the Geo extension and the XML file, see eg, the maps of Stroock & Stroock & Lavan.
  • Try to fix stock quote template handling bug discussed here (known MediaWiki limitation).
  • wikipedia, and wikipedia-c templates should be able to use an argument, if the title does not match the wikipedia entry correctly. Eg. a category "Category:Tea manufacturing" should be able to contain a link to wikipedia:Tea. See also:
  • Mark blog feed aggregated text as non-gnu-fdl (if unknkown) by default.
  • Fix Wikicompany-search Firefox plugin: change short-link, change logo.
  • Mark uploaded images and external images (viewed via the imager-extension) as non-free by default.
  • The Template:Wifi template needs a country-name to country-code mapper (like: Netherlands -> NL), to be able to search WiFi hotspots in a country.
  • Allow for spaces in Planet titles.
  • Fix Current events link (the Planet category content is missing when linked like this)
  • When an iternal logo image is referenced in the "Presence:" namespace the image-name isn't correct. Fix the logo-template code for this.

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