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ZF Sachs Fahrzeug- und Motorentechnik GmbH




Web: http://www.sachs-bikes.de
Phone: +49-4231-400, +49 (0)911
Fax: +49 (0)911 / 4231-332
Address: Ernst-Sachs-Str. 6, D-90441 Nürnberg, Germany
Geocode: 49.4262;11.0566


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Type: manufacturing
Open times:
Founding: 1895
Employees: 16511
Key people:


Parents: ZF Friedrichshafen


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ZF Sachs Fahrzeug- und Motorentechnik GmbH is a German manufacturer of motorcycles, mopeds, power-assited bicycles and ATVs.

In 2003, ZF Sachs had 16,511 employees in 19 countries, and a sales volume of about 2,1 million €.



  • 1895 - the Schweinfurter Präcisions-Kugellagerwerke Fichtel & Sachs oHG was founded in Schweinfurt by the inventor Ernst Sachs and the investor Karl Fichtel. At the beginning it produced ball bearings and bicycle hub.
  • 1911 - the year Fichtel died - the company had approximately 7,000 employees.
  • 1923 - the oHG was changed to a stock corporation, the ball bearing division was sold to the Swedish concern SKF with the condition that the production had to stay forever in Schweinfurt.
  • 1929 F&S starts production of components for cars, mainly couplings and shock absorbers.
  • From 1929 until 1996 F&S also produced motors, first for bicycles, later also for motorbikes and even for very small cars, e.g. Messerschmitt Kabinenroller.
  • Ernst Sachs died in 1932, in 1936 his son Willy Sachs donatad the sport arena Willy-Sachs-Stadion to Schweinfurt. This present is still contentious because of Willy Sachs's membership of Nazi party.
  • 1987 - the German Mannesmann AG got the majority of F&S stocks.
  • 1997 - F&S was renamed to Mannesmann Sachs AG.
  • 2001 -
    • Sachs was sold to ZF Friedrichshafen AG and renamed to ZF Sachs AG.
    • The bycicle division was sold to the US based company SRAM, so the Sachs group of ZF now concentrates on the production of car components for drive and chassis.


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