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Wikicompany is now able to use semantical annotations (relation links, and attributes).

See some examples of articles with semantic annotations:



OWL ("Web Ontology Language") at W3C.


Semantical Searching

This functional part isn't ready yet, but you already use the simple semantical search interface.

The plan is to create both a fancy semantical web search form, and integrate some of the semantical functionality with the (yet to be written) REST web API.


How to write the semantical annotiations

The idea is to use Categories as property tags, and then to give these tags relational meaning through a semantical annotion.

Relation labels:

  • company
This label just points to the company name, but should actually be an attribute. However that doesn't work with Category linking (yet).
  • in region
  • in sector
  • has parent
  • has subsidiariary
  • has affiliate
  • has partner
  • has comptetitor

Attribute labels:

  • of type
  • founding year
  • current CEO

See also



  • SWAPI ("Semantic Web API". Experimental developer project.)
  • W3C Semantical Web
  • RDF - "Resource Description Framework"
  • OWL - "Web Ontology Language"
  • W3C SKOS "Simple Knowledge Organisation System"
  • Topic Maps (ISO standard?)
  • OpenSearch Search engine results in an XML format
  • DOI "Digital Object Identifier"
  • SPARQL protocol for RDF draft
    • more details and comments

Mediawiki projects

  • Wikidata - Project proposal for a grand Wiki-fed database for various types of annotated content.
  • Semantic MediaWiki project portal
    • implementation proposal
    • implementation proposal discussion
    • semediawiki sourceforge project
    • experimental demo site
  • Wikimania presentations about Semantics
    • WikiOnt: An Ontology for Describing and Exchanging Wiki Articles (by Andreas Harth, Hannes Gassert, Ina O'Murchu, John G. Breslin, Stefan Decker)
      • WikiOnt paper Talk page, User_talk:Markus Krötzsch
    • Wikipedia and the Semantic Web – The Missing Links (by Markus Krötzsch, Denny Vrandečić, Max Völkel)
    • Metadata with Personendaten and beyond (by Jakob Voss)
    • demo:
  • Japanese SW MediaWiki project

Interesting frameworks

  • RAP - RDF API for PHP



RDF general

  • JS based RDF parser
  • Presentation: RDFTutorial
  • Presentation: Towards the Semantic Web
  • RDF introduction
  • Some people don't like RDF:
"RDF is based on the pretentious and frankly insulting theory that it should be able to describe anything in the universe..."
  • RDF introduction:
  • (conference from 6-10 November 2005, Galway, Ireland)
  • SW software stack visualization
  • SW introduction by Tim Berners-Lee
  • tab Semwem browser
  • cwm - (pronounced coom) is a general-purpose data processor for the semantic web, somewhat like sed, awk, etc. for text files or XSLT
  • JSON proxy
  • Visualizing RDF
  • IsaViz - A visual authoring Tool for RDF
  • piggy-bank
  • piggy-bank screen-scraping

SPARQL general

  • XMLArmyKnife SPARQL client - Javascript/AJAX based SPARQL client.
  • RDF & SPARQL experiment
  • SPARQL software


  • Versa (on Wikipedia). "Versa is a query language for RDF data. Its compact, functional syntax somewhat resembles Lisp, whereas alternative RDF query languages are typically based on SQL, or specialized XML vocabularies."


  • 3store - MySQL based RDF store
    • sourceforge project page
    • AKTiveSpace web demo


  • Perl RDF::Query
  • Class-RDF - Mapping RDBMS-DBI objects to RDF and back


  • SPARQL query demo
  • PHP SPARQL (demo)


  • RDFlib - RDF store / query enige (with SPARQL support)
    • Sparta - RDFlib based package for RDF to Python objects data binding (avoiding RDF triplet notation).
  • Purple - RDF API for Python


  • YARS - RDF/N3 store with a REST interface.
  • Kowari - RDF store
  • "Explore the Semantic Web using Piggy Bank" (by NewsForge)
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