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(Note: This document is an early draft. More details will be added in time.)

Wikicompany is moving to a semantical tagging system, using the Semantic MediaWiki extension.

The main category namespace will not be used anymore for ordering company information. The "Category:" namespace will still be used for ordering other types of information (like the meta information for the Wikicompany project).




  • The category system is too strict and maintenance heavy.
Listen to this great presentation "What Time Does to Categories" by Clay Shirky to understand the underlying reasons for this statement.
  • Easier input system for users.
  • Better search and browse possibilities.
  • Better REST web service integration, needed for internal and external content syndication.

Valid Tags

  • sector
  • region - service region (not just the HQ location)
  • employees - number of employees
  • founding - founding year
  • exchange - stock exchange at which a company could be listed
  • ticker - stock exchange symbol, prefixed with the stock exchange (eg. Euronext.ASML)
  • product - product or brand names
  • tag - any other tag (note: this tag might be removed in the future)

Tag examples

Note the difference between the attribute link (:=), and the relation link (::). The relational link always points to an existing company profile on Wikicompany. An attribute link is just a bit of meta-data about a company.

[[partner::Dia Strala]]
[[competitor::Pizza Express]]

Open issues

  • Meta-tagging (to describe relations between tags, eg: "berlin city-in germany")
    • Interface
    • Storage
    • Alias tags
  • Multi-word tags
After reading several arguments for/against multi-word tagging (todo: compile a ref. list of these), the choice was made to only allow one-word tags. This constraint has many benefits (todo: explain these benefits).
The exception to the one-word tag is for internal relation links to company names. These have to be a multi-word to make sense.
  • Syntax for links to the attribute tag browse/search pages

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  • Tagging system usability
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