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  • Wikimania and Wikimania at meta
  • Programme sheet
  • Wikimania 2005Presentations
    • audio/video downloads
    • broadcasts
  • Interesting talks:
    • The future of MediaWiki (by Erik Möller)
  • News
  • Wikicompany presentation (was cancelled)

MediaWiki research



  • MediaWiki site
  • MediaWiki CVS
  • Mediawiki Extensions
  • Mailing list archives
  • MediaWiki FAQ

Specific research projects

  • Winter extension - Scripting engine (language specification, author blog)
  • Wikipedia Machine Translation
  • Monitoring tools
  • Spell checking
  • Wikidata
  • Wiki syntax proposal
  • Wikimetrics
  • godmode - Javascript based admin/revert speedup tool
  • qwikly tools - various wikipedia/mediawiki tool links
  • Wikipedifier - text2wiki conversion tool
  • Yarrr - A web-based collaborative real-time editor and whiteboarding MediaWiki extension.
  • XmlWiki
  • XML_Embedding_Extension
  • Mediawiki search engine:
    • MW standard-search engine CVS directory
    • MW lucene-search engine CVS directory
    • clucene C++ port of Apache Lucene

WYSIWYG editing

    • on OpenJSAN
    • Greasemonkey version - JS/AJAX based Wikiwyg editor for Mediawiki.
    • People involved: Brian Ingerson, Casey West (Socialtext), Jonathan Sanderson
    • People involved: Jim Higson, Jamie Bliss, Jason Spiro
    • Demo page
  • synchroedit - a multiuser, realtime collaboration editor.
  • XUL based Wikiwyg project.
  • Interesting comment:
    "Why doesn't someone hack a <wikitextarea> tag into the Firefox browser? Then let the W3C standardize it in HTML 7."

'Official' research team

  • Research projects
  • Research network
  • Research team interests
  • Wikimedia technical discussions



Semantical interface

See: Wikicompany:Semantical interface extension


Mail -> RSS


Email -> Wiki

  • (bugzilla item)
  • (another implementation)

Wiki -> Email

  • ENotif - Email notification (
  • EConfirm - Email address confirmation

Wiki -> HTML/PDF/etc.

  • (only a proposal)

Wiki -> WAP Phone

  • Example site (using Wikipedia articles):

HTML -> Wiki

  • html2wiki tool

Company watching

  • A customizable user-notification system which tracks the company profile, financials, stocks, relations (competitors, customers, partners), etc.
  • Perl XML-RSS-SimpleGen - Simple RSS generator
  • Perl Text-Scraper - Screen-scraper system

Machine Translation system

  • Machine translation - What MT it is, and the ways it can be done.
  • Wikipedia Machine Translation Project
  • Free translation engines:
    • Linguaphile
    • GPLtrans
    • Traduki
    • OTE
  • Non-free translation engines:
    • Systran offers an advanced commercial translation engine.
  • Dictionary systems:
    • Wiktionary, WiktionaryZ
    • StarDict
  • NIST Machine Translation research
    • 2005 results
  • Universal Networking Digital Language Foundation (UNDL) - "A w:United Nations project based on an artificial, machine-readable language (UNL). The idea is to semi-automatically create a UNL text from, say, English, then have it fully-automatically translated in up to 150 languages on-the-fly. The project is now an independent organization."
  • European Association for Machine Translation (EAMT)

Company identification code

  • Names:
    • International Standard Company Number (ISCN)
    • Global Business Number (GBN)
    • Worlwide Company ID (WCID)
    • Business Number (BuNu)
    • Universal Business ID (UBID)
  • Non-related ID, 'open standard', open proces
  • central registration / control issues
  • first come, first serve basis?

DUNS number scheme:

  • "Data Universal Numbering System
"The D&B D-U-N-S Number is a non-indicative, nine-digit number assigned to each business location in the D&B database having a unique, separate, and distinct operation, and is maintained solely by D&B. The D&B D-U-N-S Number is used by industries and organizations around the world as a global standard for business identification and tracking. If you don’t have a D-U-N-S Number, you can get one for free through the SBS site."
  • D & B Registration for Artists

Business publication references

  • This information would be placed in the "Reference:" namespace, and would be like, but with a table-box of structered fields and category annotations.

Business event calendaring

  • Wiki based system to view and update business events (viewable by region, sector and time-frame)
    • Krass Calendar - MediaWiki calendar extension. (download)
    • MediaWiki calendar project based on templates
  • AJAX using calendaring systems:
  • Links to lists of calendar systems:
    • from webcalendar
    • from planscalendar
  • Collaborative web calendaring sites:

JavaScript / AJAX interface improvements

  • Autocomplete-suggests for the go/search input field (using a precompiled list of Titles)
  • "New Skool DOM Scripting" - A layered approach to DOM/Javascript behaviour control.
  • Bookmarklets: bookmarklets

S5 Presentation tool

  • Integrating the S5 presentation tool in Mediawiki
  • Theme selection (option to use user-defined CSS styles?)

Mozilla extensions


Greasemonkey extensions

  • Article history animation:
    • comments old page?
    • (does not work)
  • Automatic Wikipedia hyper-linking:

MediaWiki clients


Automated (aka Bots)





  • Research use of Universal Standard Products and Services Classification
  • Data set example (Warning: 8 MB file!):

Financial extension

(See also: Wikicompany:Financial extension)

How about a stockbox in company profiles?

This infobox could contain:

  • stock quote links
  • stock quote indicators
  • links to annual reports (see:
    • These PDF reports could perhaps be uploaded to Wikicompany (if legally allowed?)
    • These PDF reports could be parsed to HTML and or text, and made full-text searchable

Other things:

  • RSS feeds?
  • Semantical annotations?

PDF book and CD-ROM creation

  • Automated PDF book and CD-ROM publication of Wikicompany.
    • German language Wikipedia DVD
    • German language Wikipedia CD-ROM


Geospatial mapping

For the existing Geo extension functionality see: Wikicompany:Geo extension


Product ID's

See: Wikicompany:Product_IDs


Wiki related


Wiki ideas

  • Proposals for new Wiki and/or WikiMedia projects
[edit] ideas

  • (IEEE.LOM - A syntax and semantics standard of "Learning Object Metadata")

Social research

  • Wikimetrics

User rating and commenting systems


See also

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