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Wikicompany makes use of the Google Map MediaWiki extension (docs).

See also: Wikicompany:Geo extension



Using the extension

It is possible to embed a custom Google map into a specific page. This is done via the <gmap> tag. To include a Google map on a page, simply include the <gmap></gmap> tags while editing.

Optionally, you can pass parameters to the display of the map through the format: <gmap>param=value|foo=bar</gmap>


Valid Parameters

  • lat -- the latitude of the center of the map (41.5061 is the default)
  • lon -- the longitude of the center of the map (-81.6089 is the default)
  • height -- the physical height of the map on the screen in pixels (the default is 600)
  • width -- the physical width of the map on the screen in pixels (the default is 740)
  • zoom -- the zoom level for the map (options: 0 .. 20) where 0 is the closest zoom. (default is 1)
  • rss -- a geotagged RSS feed to plot (can be specified more than once)
  • type -- the map type to display (options: street, satellite, hybrid) (default: 'street')
  • controls -- set to yes to enable map type controls
  • wrap -- put the gmap into its own HTML table and HTML div element. (default is 'yes')
  • marker -- Show a marker for one geo-object (options: yes, no) (default: 'yes')



Will display a map centered at 41.50434 N 81.60875 W at the highest zoom level with a width of 300px and a height of 250px.


Google Map resources



  • (API) (Mailinglist)
  • (FAQ)
    • example


  • gplotter XML-file based plotter interface for use with Google Maps
  • coordinate fetching tool
  • address2geocode tool
  • Gmaps mapper

Third-party uses

  • Google maps project directory
  • HousingMaps
  • ReserveMy - travel reservation site
  • UK libraries location map
  • Boston subway station map
  • - Mozilla Firefox & Google maps stuff
    • gmacker-geocoder - US Phone number -> Geo-code
  • plazex+XSLT


  • Google maps API
  • Google maps mailinglist
  • Google maps help wiki
  • GoogleMapsMania blog
  • links "googlemaps"
  • links "google_maps"
  • "The Custom GMaps Map Spec"
  • Google maps service disection

Map data providers

  • Tele Atlas (Tele Atlas) is a company which provides streetmap data for Google Maps.

Mediawiki extensions

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