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Goal: Present key financial figures of (mainly public) companies in both table and chart form.

  • Research type of information (and definitions):
    • Income (before/after tax)
    • Costs (perhaps broken down into more specific fields)
    • Investments (useful along "cost" figure?)
    • Profit (before/after tax)
    • Debt
    • Nr. of employees
    • Average stock price (how to define)
    • Nr. of outstanding shares
    • Dividend payout
  • The rendered financial table can do smart things like:
    • Give percentage increases/decreases since last year
    • Combine fields, eg:
      • Profit / Employee
  • Example format:
  • Output ideas:
      • Use multiple columns (representing the fiscal years of the company) for the table/CSS output rendering.
        • CSS table gallery

PHP chart/graphing resources

  • PHP & GD introduction

Related resources

  • GOOG financial information presentation by Google.

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