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Wikicompany is a community built, free-content, worldwide, business directory, licensed under the GNU FDL v1.2 license.

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The vision of Wikicompany is to create an up-to-date, global, multi-lingual, business information service for:

  • Company profiles
  • Company points of presence
Service-points or stores of a company in a region. See: Presences.
  • Business news
See Wikicompany Planets for broader news topics (by sector and region), or the company profile for company specific specific news.

Potential users

  • Product and service seekers
  • Market researchers looking for company background information (investors, competitors)
  • Marketeers (market strategies, product/service branding, logo design)
  • Students career orientation (or people looking for a career switch)
  • Event visitors for specific regions/sectors
  • Travellers (business trip region info, backpackers looking for temporary work)

Potential contributers

  • Company employees
  • Company customers
  • Company founders/owners
  • Promotional organizations which help promote certain sectors, branches, and regions.
  • Other people who like to help creating free business content to help others

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  • The free encyclopedia (by Richard Stallman)
  • Why Wikipedia started working (by Larry Sanger)
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