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Television Broadcasts Limited (SEHK: 0511), commonly known as TVB, is the first wireless commercial television station in Hong Kong. Established on November 19, 1967 with only about 200 staff, it is one of two free-to-air broadcasters in Hong Kong.

TVB is now the largest Chinese programme producer in the world, with a size of about 5,000 including contract artistes and staff in overseas subsidiary companies.The current chairman is Sir Run Run Shaw.

It owns 2 free-to-air channels in Hong Kong, PRC, namely TVB Jade, TVB Pearl, TVB Jade owns the largest audience shares in Hong Kong and is often referred to as simply TVB. For HK Pay-TV markets, TVB provides 6 channels for its associated company Galaxy Satellite Broadcasting Limited (SuperSun).

TVB reaches out to communities all over the world with its productions available in the Taiwan, United States, Canada, Australia, Mainland China, Malaysia and Singapore, amongst others. Its dramas are internationally acclaimed, and many of Hong Kong's top film and pop stars started their careers in TVB. Special TVB events such as the annual TVB Anniversary Celebration are broadcast to worldwide audience. TVB also runs talent programmes such as the annual Miss Hong Kong and Miss Chinese International pageants. Successful contestants may be offered TVB's contracts and represent Hong Kong to take part in world-class beauty contests, such as Miss World Pageant, etc.

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TVB enjoys an overwhelming dominance in the television market in Hong Kong; however, its programs have often been criticized by some TV viewers as "having bad taste", "superficial", "dull", and "lacking in creativity". Its programs have also been criticized for catering solely to the taste of housewives and therefore ignoring the diverse interest of the middle class. Despite the criticism raised by some people, TVB continues to enjoy advantage on TV viewerships in Hong Kong. In 2004, TVB's historical drama series War And Beauty; is appreciated by the general public, including the middle class.

In addition, TVB has exclusive contracts with many local celebrities that restrict them from appearing in other local TV programs. Hong Kong's Cable TV claims it is unfair competition even though ATV, another major TV station in Hong Kong, disagrees. In fact, many artists do not have exclusive contracts with TVB and are free to show up in programs produced by other local TV stations or outsourcing production houses.

In contrast, Hong Kong Cable TV, which has monopolized Hong Kong's Pay-TV market for ten years, was accused by TVB and Now Broadband TV (dominant leader of HK's telecommunication markets) of engaging in anti-competitive conduct by acquisitions of exclusive broadcasting rights to most football broadcasts. However, Hong Kong's Broadcasting Authority rejected those accusations.

Taking place every year, the TVB Music Awards is one of the biggest awards for cantopop "singers". It was widely rumored that TVB gives out the awards to those who are "loyal". The ICAC investigated the arrangement of the awards. Now the investigation is finished and proved three TVB's staffs are NOT criminal in the case. Afterwards, TVB has reformed its music programs to re-establish the authority of TVB's music programs.

On the other hand, TVB has been awarded the NAB National Association of Broadcasters' International Broadcasting Excellence Award 2001. The award recognized the company's outstanding contributions to the community through a wide range of charitable programmes and activities. Hong Kong thus becomes the first city in Asia to receive this prestigious award in this area.

In 2005, TVB, cooperating with Hong Kong Jockey Club, organized the biggest fund-rising campaign for the South-East Asia's tsunami disaster. It raised over 100 million Hong Kong Dollars to assist the people affected.


To cope with future development and expansion, Television Broadcasts Limited began planning in 1998 to develop in the Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate a replacement for the old facility at Clearwater Bay. October 2003, the new HK$2.2 billion TVB City came into full operation. The massive investment TVB made in this new facility is clear confirmation of the Company's determination and commitment to equip itself for success in increasingly competitive local and international television markets, and to provide its Hong Kong audience with quality production.

The new headquarters at Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate is by far the largest piece of land ever leased by the then Hong Kong Industrial Estates Corporation and the first service-providing company in the area. It has a building area of over 110,000 square metres, 30% more than that of the previous facilities at Clearwater Bay. Studio 1 in TVB City, with 630 seats, is the largest TV production studio among commercial TV Stations in Asia.

Notable Shows from TVB

Main Article: List of TVB Programmes

Many major dramas and shows are made by TVB, including many notable people from TVB, and the program viewership are usually higher than the other TV-stations in Hong Kong.

TV Drama Series

  • The Bund 上海灘 (A classic series, regarded by many as one of the best TVB series.)
  • Looking Back in Anger 義不容情 (An instant classic, it had enormous ratings and was one of the most rented TVB series ever. It is also remembered for its tragic ending.)
  • The Greed of Man 大時代 (One of the most controversial and culturally important show in the early 90's. Also remarkable for its effect on the stock market)
  • Detective Investigation Files 刑事偵輯檔案 (Four series in total.)
  • Healing Hands 妙手仁心 (Remembered for its remarkable medical accuracy. It is similar to US series ER.)
  • Armed Reaction 陀槍師姐 (Four series in total.)
  • Kindred Spirit 真情 (Longest running drama show in Hong Kong history.)
  • Journey to the West 西遊記 (One of the few TVB Jade programmes to be dubbed in English and rebroadcast on TVB Pearl.)
  • Virtues of Harmony 皆大歡喜 (One of the longest running sitcoms in Hong Kong, with a modern-day version spinoff.)
  • Square Pegs 戇夫成龍
  • To Catch the Uncatchable 棟篤神探 (Remembered for its groundbreaking sad ending in a comedy, in contrast to other usual shows of TVB (Virtues of Harmony, for example.))
  • War and Beauty 金枝慾孽 (A popular office lady style drama, in a costumed scene.)
  • Jewel in the Palace 大長今 (A Korean TV drama popular in ROK, Japan, Taiwan and Chicago.)

for full list of TVB Dramas, please see TVB Dramas

Notable people


For an update list with profile see HKADB

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