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Tate & Lyle PLC is a UK based multinational food manufacturer and is listed on the London Stock Exchange under the symbol TATE. It is a major producer of refined sugar, starches, animal feed and other food ingredients with global operations.

The company was formed in 1921 from a merger of two rival sugar refiners, Henry Tate & Sons and Abram Lyle & Sons.

Abram Lyle had started sugar refining in 1865 in Greenock, then in Plaistow. Henry Tate (1819-1899) began his business in 1869 in Liverpool, later expanding to London. He used his industrial fortune to found the Tate Gallery in London in 1897. Both companies had large refineries in Silvertown, prompting the 1921 merger. In 1949 the firm introduced its "Mr Cube" brand, as part of a marketing campaign to help it fight a proposed nationalization by the Labour government.

The UK refining operation takes raw sugars from Caribbean sources allowed under the EU Common Agricultural Policy to a level of nearly 50% of the UK demand.

The company is renowned for its refined sugar cane products, and especially for "Lyle's Golden Syrup", its brand of partially inverted refiners syrup, which carries the motto "Out of the strong came forth sweetness".

Tate & Lyle is now a leading manufacturer of sucralose under the "Splenda" trademark, a sugar substitute used by PepsiCo, General Mills and Unilever.

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