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Rabobank Bank N.V.



Web: http://www.rabobank.com
Phone: +31 30 216 0000
Address: PO Box 17100, 3500 HG Utrecht, Netherlands
Geocode: 52.0913;5.1227


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Founding: 1896


Subsidiaries: Valley Independent Bank, ACCBank
Competitors: ABN AMRO, ING Group, Postbank Netherlands


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Rabobank is a Dutch bank with offices all over the world, although primarily in the Netherlands.

Rooted in agriculture, Rabobank is set up as a federation of local credit unions, which offer services to the local markets, and the central organisation is in fact the daughter (rather than the mother) of these local banks.

The name Rabobank is an abbreviation of "Raiffeisen-Boerenleenbank", where "Boerenleenbank" means "Farmers' lending bank". "Raiffeisen" is a reference to Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen, the founder of the co-operative movement of credit unions.


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Rabobank Bank Netherlands Utrecht World 10.000-50.000 employees AAA credit rating 1896

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