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Popular, Inc




Web: http://www.bancopopular.com
Email: [mailto:]
Phone: +1-888-724-3659
Address: PO Box 362708, [[:Category:|]], Puerto Rico


Open times:
Founding: 11000
Employees: 1893
Key people:


Subsidiaries: Banco Popular de Puerto Rico, Banco Popular North America, Evertec
Competitors: Citibank, Banco Santander, Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria, Eurobank, Scotiabank, First Bank, RG Premier Bank, Doral Bank, Oriental Financial


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This article is about a Puerto Rican bank. For the bank based in Spain, see: [[Banco Popular Espa´┐Żol]].

Popular, Inc. (stock: BPOP) is a financial services company that has been operating in Puerto Rico for over 112 years, and in the United States for almost 52. In recent years it has expanded into the Caribbean and Central America. It is better known as Banco Popular, but it is also regarded as BPPR.



The company, which started out as a simple Puertorican bank, was founded in 1893 and led in its early stages by Rafael Carrion, Sr. His son will continue the family legacy, and bring the bank into new levels of technology and innovation. Richard Carrion, Rafael Carrion's grandson, is the current President and CEO of Popular Inc.




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