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Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation




Web: http://www.kcrc.com
Phone: +11 852 2929 3399
Fax: +11 852 2688 0394
Address: 7/F, KCRC House, 9 Lok King Street, Fo Tan, Sha Tin, N. T. Hong Kong


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Parents: Government of Hong Kong


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The Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (九廣鐵路公司), frequently abbreviated to KCRC, is wholly owned by the "Special Administrative Region" of the Government of Hong Kong and based in Hong Kong.

KCRC is a public corporation concerned with the task of operating and developing railway services within and to/from Hong Kong, and property development along its railway network in Hong Kong.


Key people

The current chairman of the board is Michael Tien.


Railway operations

Within Hong Kong the network has the following major systems:

  • East Rail
  • Light Rail
  • West Rail
  • Ma On Shan Rail

These lines are supported by feeder buses operated by Kowloon Motor Bus or the KCRC itself.

In addition the company jointly operates intercity services to and from Guangzhou and other cities in China.


Property development

  • Citylink Plaza - Shopping centre and office tower developed and owned by KCRC at Sha Tin Station of the East Rail.
  • Pierhead Garden


The Kowloon-Canton Railway had been operated as a department of the government of Hong Kong, but in December of 1982, the KCRC Ordinance was enacted, creating the KCRC.

The KCRC continues to be wholly government owned and its operations are monitored by a managing board, members of which are appointed by the chief executives of Hong Kong.

The KCRC expanded its operations in 1984, accepting the government's invidation to build and operate the Light Rail network in the New Territories, which came into service in September of 1988.

The KCRC started to develop and lease property around the same time. The first joint-venture property development, Pierhead Garden, was completed in 1988.

Today, profits generated from property and commercial services are used to fund railway service improvement projects and other strategic initiatives.

The KCR is currently constructing a spur line running from Sheung Shui to Lok Ma Chau to create a second border crossing.

The West Rail, opened on December 20 2003, has been criticised by passengers for its relatively high fares, inconvenient station locations, and failure to connect to the heart of the urban area. As a result the number of passengers that use the West Rail has been less than expected, causing problems for the KCRC.

At the end of 2004, two extensions were commissioned: the extension of the East Rail from the Hung Hom terminus to Tsim Sha Tsui East was opened on October 24, 2004; and the Ma On Shan extension, which will link Ma On Shan with the East Rail at Tai Wai was opened on December 23, 2004. These have so far proved less popular than expected, and the KCRC has offered special monthly tickets to encourage more passengers to use the new services


Future plans

The KCRC has also made proposals to plan, build, and operate the Kowloon Southern Link receiving permission for the project from the government on September 24 2002. The Kowloon Southern Link will connect the West Rail Nam Cheong station with the East Rail Tsim Sha Tsui East station.

On June 25 2002 the government announced that KCRC had won its bid to build and operate the Sha Tin to Central Link. When the line is completed , the KCR network will cross Victoria Harbour and reach Hong Kong Island for the first time.


MTRCL-KCRC merger proposal

There has been some discussion of merging the two companies of KCR Corporation and the MTR Corporation Limited to make the territory's transport system more efficient. The MTRCL backs such a merge while the KCRC opposes the plan. In March 2004, the Hong Kong government officially encouraged the two organizations to merge.


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