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Finmeccanica S.p.A.




Phone: +39-06-324-731
Fax: +39-06-320-8621
Address: Piazza Monte Grappa 4, 00195 Rome, Italy
Geocode: 41.9184;12.469


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Type: conglomerate, manufacturer
Open times:
Founding: 1948
Employees: 41000
Key people:


Subsidiaries: Finmeccanica Inc, Alenia Aeronautica, Aermacchi, Officine Aeronavali, AgustaWestland, Alenia Spazio, Telespazio, Alenia Difesa, Fincantieri, Ansaldo Energia, Ansaldo Breda,Ansaldo Fuel Cells, Galileo Avionica, Quadrics
Affiliates: Alcatel Alenia Space, ATR, STMicroelectronics, Horizon SAS, EuroSysNav, Eurotorp, NH Industries, Lockheed Martin Alenia Tactical Transport Systems, MBDA, BAE Avionics


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Finmeccanica S.p.A. is Italy's second largest industrial group.

Finmeccanica operates in the fields of:

  • Defence
  • Aerospace
  • Helicopters
  • Automation
  • Transport
  • Energy

The company has offices in over 100 countries, and employs 41,000 people. Turnover of 7.7 Bn Euros.



  • Finmeccanica Inc - United States division [1]
  • Alenia Aeronautica
    • Quadrics - Hardware and software supplier for supercomputers. Quadrics and Bull are currently cooperating on Europe's fastest supercomputer: the 60 teraflops French Tera10.
  • Aermacchi
  • Officine Aeronavali
  • AgustaWestland (100%)
  • Alenia Spazio
  • Telespazio
  • Alenia Difesa
  • Fincantieri
  • Ansaldo Energia. The company has more than a hundred years of power generation experience and an installed capacity exceeding 153,000 MW in over 75 countries. Revenues in 2003 stood at 802 million euros.
  • Ansaldo Breda. Heavy and Light Rail Vehicles are to be found in Denmark (83 diesel trains and 19-29 metro cars), Norway (36 electric trains+16 light metro vehicles), Madrid (180 heavy metro vehicles), Gothenberg (40 Sirio light rail stock), Birmingham+Manchester (32+6 light metro vehicles), Lille (24 light metro vehicles), SanFrancisco+Boston (151+100 light metro vehicles), Atlanta+LosAngeles (100+42 heavy metro vehicles), and Athens (35 Sirio light rail vehicles).
  • Ansaldo Fuel Cells. In June 2004 Ansaldo Fuel Cells inaugurated the Terni industrial fuel cell production facility for stationary applications. The production capacity, initially 3 MW, should of 15 MW by 2006.
  • Galileo Avionica


  • Alcatel Alenia Space (33%, with Alcatel 67%), the European Space industry leader
  • ATR (50%, with Aerospatiale, today EADS). World leader in the 40-70 seat turboprop market. CEO is Filippo Bagnato.
  • STMircoelectronics (major shareholder, together with Areva and France Telecom of France). Europe's number one microelectronics company. The CEO is Carlo Bozotti. ST is one of the world's largest semiconductor companies. In 2004, ST's net revenues were US$8,760 million and net earnings were US$601 million. The company has eight 8-inch manufacturing sites around the world, plus 12-inch manufacturing facilities in Crolles, France, and Catania, Italy.
  • Horizon SAS and EuroSysNav (50-50 joint ventures between DCN/Thales of France and Finmeccanica/Fincantieri of Italy) for the design and construction of 27 FREMM multirole frigates and 4 Horizon anti-air frigates. FREMM/Horizon, at a cost of 4.3 billion euros, is Europe's largest naval program
  • Eurotorp (50-50 joint venture between Finmeccanica and DCN/Thales of France. Eurotorp is the world market leader for lightweight torpedoes, and the European leading company in antisubmarine weapon systems.
  • NH Industries (Italy has a 32% stake in the program, France 31.25%, Germany 31.25%, and The Netherlands 5.5%)
  • Eurofighter Typhoon (21%)
  • Lockheed Martin Alenia Tactical Transport Systems (50%, with Lockheed Martin)
  • MBDA (25%, with EADS, BAE SYSTEMS)
  • BAE Avionics (75%). With Galileo Avionica, Finmeccanica thus becomes the second defense electronics group in Europe, after Thales of France.


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