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Dairy Farm International Holdings Limited



Web: http://www.dairyfarmgroup.com
Email: [mailto:]
Phone: (852)-2299-1888
Fax: (852)-2299-4888
Address: 7/F Devon House, Taikoo Place, 979 King's Road, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong, P O Box 286, GPO
Geocode: 22.2868;114.2105


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Founding: 1886
Employees: 56800


Parents: Jardine Strategic


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Dairy Farm International Holdings Limited (SGX: D01) (LSE: DFI) is a retail company in Asia, with its base in Bermuda.

DF deals with the manufacturing, wholesaling and distribution of dairy products and other food products in the Pacific Region and in China.

DF has achieved its fifth consecutive year of double-digit growth in sales and profit before interest and tax. It is a member of the Jardine Matheson.

Jardine Strategic, a publicly-listed holding company, has attributable interest of 70% in Dairy Farm.

By the end of December 2003, the Dairy Farm Group and its related associations run 2,570 outlets, supermarkets, restaurants, hypermarkets, health and beauty stores, convenience stores, and home furniture stores. Among 956 stores in South Asia operated by Dairy Farm, 433 are in Singapore, 186 are in Malayasia, 222 are in Indonesia and 115 are in India. The sales of Dairy Farm South Asia increased 24% compared to the previous year. There is a 48% improvement in profit before interest and tax in US dollar terms for the year ended 31 December 2003.

It now employs 56,800 people in the region and has around 2,000 sales from ongoing operations worth 4.5 billion US dollars in total.

In May 2003, Dairy Farm obtained 34 Tops supermarkets in Malaysia from Royal Ahold. The Tops supermarkets were divided into two chains and were renamed Giant and Cold Storage respectively. This acquisition took the number of supermarkets owned by Dairy Farm in Malaysia to 47 .

Dairy Farm is a listed company. Its primary shares are sold in the London Stock Exchange, and secondary shares in the Singapore and Bermuda stock exchanges.


  • 7-Eleven in Hong Kong (100% owned), Southern China (65% owned) and Singapore (100% owned)
    • The Hong Kong 7-Eleven was acquired by Dairy Farm in 1989.
    • 7-Eleven is a chain of small convenience stores
    • Initially these stores used to be open from 7 AM to 11 PM, hence the name. Now most of the stores in this chain are open at all times.
  • HK Ice & Cold Store in Hong Kong (100% owned)
    • The HK Ice & Cold Store was established in the year 1918.
    • There are cold store and ice factories in Aberdeen as well as 3 factories located in Yau Tong, Castle Peak Bay and Tai Po.
    • HK Ice & Cold Store manufactures crushed ice and provides commercial cold storage. It is the largest crushed ice supplier in HK.
    • HK Ice & Cold Store provides overseas delivery, shipping, local delivery, container expediting, devanning/revanning and other services to both commercial and domestic cold storage at a reasonable price.
  • IKEA in Hong Kong and Taiwan (100% owned)
    • IKEA in Hong Kong and Taiwan was acquired by Dairy Farm in October,2002.
    • IKEA is a chain of furnishing stores.
    • IKEA was founded in 1943. It was established in Hong Kong in 1975.
  • Wellcome in Hong Kong and Taiwan (100% owned)
    • The Wellcome company was founded in 1945 and was acquired by Diary Farm in 1964.
    • Wellcome is a chain of small supermarkets and hypermarkets.
    • Wellcome serves over 13 million customers per month
  • Maxim's in Hong Kong and Mainland China (50% owned)
    • Maxim's was established in 1956
    • Maxim's is the largest restaurant, fast food and cake shop chain in Hong Kong.
    • To support its restaurant and catering operations, Maxim's operates three factories, a laundry and a printing plant.
    • Allied with Starbucks Coffee International since May 2000, over 30 Starbucks outlets operate in Hong Kong.
  • Mannings in Hong Kong (100% owned)
    • Mannings is a leading health and beauty chain in Hong Kong
    • By June 2003, Mannings had 193 stores in Hong Kong.
  • Cold Storage in Singapore and Malaysia (100% owned)
    • Cold Storage was established in 1903 and is a small depot storing and selling mainly frozen meat from Australia.
    • Cold Storage operates 75 supermarkets in Singapore.
    • Cold Storage operates 4 Market Place stores: Jasons The Gourmet Grocer, Tanglin Market Place, Paragon Market Place and Jasons Market Place.
    • Cold Storage is the first supermarket in Singapore to receive the CASE TRUST mark introduced by CASE in 1998 to distinguish companies that receive a high degree of consumer confidence.
  • Guardian in Singapore (100% owned), Malaysia (100% owned) and Indonesia (associate)
    • Guardian was established in 1967 with a 200 sq feet store offering mainly health and personal care products as well as pharmacy services to the expatriate community.
    • In the 1970s, Guardian used the concept of modern retail pharmacy, opening stores as large as 13,000 sq feet.
    • Since 1998, Guardian has been a member of the Dairy Farm International Group.
    • Today Guardian operates a network of 123 stores nationwide
  • Giant in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia (100% owned)
    • Giant is a chain of one-stop station for groceries
    • Giant operates a total of 22 supermarkets as at 30th June 2003
  • Hero in Indonesia (associate)
    • Hero is Indonesia's largest supermarket chain with a network of 103 stores.
  • Foodworld in India (49% owned)
    • Foodworld was acquired by Dairy Farm in 1999 in the form of a joint venture of 49/51 with RPG
    • Foodworld is a chain of supermarkets with 86 stores as of 30th June,2003.
    • Foodworld serves more than 600,000 customers every month.
  • Health and Glow in India (49% owned)
    • Health and Glow is a chain of health and beauty stores in India.
    • Health and Glow was founded in 1997.
    • Health and Glow is run by RPG
  • Olive Young in South Korea (50% owned)
    • Olive Young was founded in 1999.
    • Olive Young is a chain of cosmetics and personal care stores.
    • Olive Young was acquired by Dairy Farm in October 2002 in the form of a 50/50 joint venture with CJ Corp.
  • Photo Finish in Singapore (100% owned)
    • Photo Finish is a chain of photo developing and printing stores with 41 outlet.
    • Photo Finish handles about 4,000 film rolls per month.


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