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Chorus Communications




Phone: +35 361272120
Fax: +35 361272777
Address: Chorus, Limerick Enterprise Development Park, Roxboro Road, Limerick, Ireland


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Founding: 2000
Employees: 650
Key people:


Parents: UGC Europe


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Chorus Communications is a communications provider in Ireland, it offers Internet access, television and telephone services.

The company is owned by UGC Europe, and ultimately controlled by Liberty Media.

Chorus owns the cable television and MMDS TV licences for most towns in the Republic of Ireland, outside of Dublin, Galway, and Waterford.

Chorus currently provides services to over 200,000 customers, spread across 26 counties in Ireland.

The company employs about 550 people in Ireland, and an additional 100 indirectly.



The company was formed in 2000, following the buy out of the Cable Management Ireland (CMI) cable operator by Irish Multichannel (Princes Holdings Limited).

Irish Multichannel, which was a joint venture between Independent News and Media and TCI (now Liberty Media), had been the product of a series of mergers between several regional companies - most notably East Coast Multichannel, Horizon Multichannel, Cork Communications, and Westward Cable.

Irish Multichannel held the MMDS licences for most of the Republic of Ireland other than Dublin, Galway, and Waterford, it also had a fairly extensive cable network in Cork and Limerick. Cable Management Ireland meanwhile was owned by several Irish businessmen. With CMI's network being pure cable TV, having been assembled from a number of private providers, such as Dunnes Electrical in Maynooth and Celbridge, it was expected that the new Chorus would have to perform some extreme network consolidation.

Suir-Nore Relays was purchased shortly after the merger.

In late 2004, Independent News and Media sold its shares in the company to Liberty Media International. Liberty Media transferred its shareholding in the company to its affiliate, UGC Europe, shortly afterwards. It is currently believed that UGC Europe is the forerunner to buy NTL's Irish assets, this will possibly lead to a merger of NTL and Chorus and a single Irish cable operator.


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