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Blue Amberol Records

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Blue Amberol Records are cylinder recordings manufactured by the Edison company in the USA from 1912 to 1929. See also: Edison Records

Image:AmberolLid.jpg Image:BlueAmberolRim.jpg
Package lid (left) and rim of Edison "Blue mberol" cylinder

These cylinder records are made of an early variety of plastic patented by the Edison company called "Blue Amberol", which was able to withstand hundreds, possibly over a thousand, playings, with only moderate increase in surface noise if played on well-maintained machines with a stylus in good condition.

The cylinders have a maximum playing time of just over 4 minutes. They can not be played successfully on older machines set up to play the earlier standard of 2 minute cylinders, as the Amberols require a smaller stylus to track the groove and the worm-gear which moves the stylus over the surface of the cylinder must turn at a different rate. The Edison company sold kits with gears and reproducers which could be attached to older varieties of cylinder phonographs by those who wished to be able to play the new Blue Amberol records. The Edison company marketed phonographs capable of playing both the older style 2 minute and the new Blue Amberol records; with these machines the user needed to adjust a lever (which changed gearing) and change the reproducer (which held different sizes of stylus) when going from one type of record to another. Other phonographs were manufactured which could only play the Blue Amberols, these were called "Amberolas".

"Amberola 75" model phonograph

The early issues of Blue Amberols are of higher audio fidelity than later issues. From the mid 1910s on, the Edison Company concentrated most of their research on improving the sound of their disc records, and their later cylinders are simply dubs of their discs. The dubbing technique used, acoustical-mechanical until the late 1920s, resulted in a somewhat hollow "dead" sound on theses cylinders compared to the original discs they were dubbed from. On many such cylinders, one can hear the sound of the disc machine being started just at the beginning of the record and of it being stopped just before the end.

The "Amberol" plastic of the cylinders is molded around a core of plaster. This plaster core has proved the greatest problem with long-term survival of Blue Amberol Records, as the plaster often tends to expand over the decades, especially if exposed to moisture or kept in humid conditions. The expanding plaster in less severe cases can make the inside of the record not fit properly on the phonograph mandrel (which can be fairly easily remedied by reaming the inner surface of the cylinder out), or can warp the cylinder out of round making it not play properly. In worse cases, the expanding plaster will crack or split the plastic playing surface, rendering the record unusable.

The Blue Amberol plastic is highly flammable.


Numerical listing (incomplete)

Record Number Title "w." Words By; "m." Music By Performer(S)
1518 Whispering Hope (w.m. Alice Hawthorne) Helen Clark & Harry Anthony
1529 Row Row Row (w. William Jerome m. James V. Monaco) Collins & Harlan
1568 On a Beautiful Night with a Beautiful Girl (w. Will D. Cobb m. Gus Edwards) Walter Van Brunt
1589 That's How I Need You (w. Joe McCarthy & Joe Goodwin m. Al Piantadosi) Irving Gillette
1643 Yiddisha Professor (w.m. Irving Berlin) Maurice Burkhart
1737 That Old Girl of Mine (w. Earle C. Jones m. Egbert Van Alstyne) Frederick J. Wheeler
1738 When I Lost You (w.m. Irving Berlin) Irving Gillette
1743 Trail of the Lonesome Pine (w. Ballard Macdonald m. Harry Carroll) Manuel Romain
1749 Goodbye Boys (w. Andrew B. Sterling & William Jerome m. Harry Von Tilzer) Billy Murray
1796 Snookey Ookums (w.m. Irving Berlin) Collins & Harlan
1931 You Made Me Love You (w. Joseph McCarthy m. James V. Monaco) Anna Chandler
1941 Somebody's Coming to My House (w.m. Irving Berlin) Walter Van Brunt
1943 There's a Girl in the Heart of Maryland (w. Ballard Macdonald m. Harry Carroll) Walter Van Brunt
2022 Curse of an Aching Heart (w. Henry Fink m. Al Piantadosi) Will Oakland
2036 Peg O' My Heart (w. Alfred Bryan m. Fred Fisher) Walter Van Brunt
2114 Southern Dream Patrol (By Franz Mahl) New York Military Band
2258 I Miss You Most of All (w.m. Joseph McCarthy Sr. & James V. Monaco) Manuel Romain
2263 Peg O' My Heart (w. Alfred Bryan m. Fred Fisher) Violin Solo Charles D'Almaine, Released May 1914
2264 Love's Own Sweet Song (w. C.C.S. Cushing & E.P. Heath m. Emmerich Kalman) Elizabeth Spencer & Irving Gillette
2270 Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm (w. A. Seymour Brown m. Albert Gumble) Al Campbell & Irving Gillette
2344 On the Shores of Italy (w.m. Al Piantadosi, Dave Oppenheim, & Jack Glogau) Albert C. Campbell & Irving Gillette
2375 This is the Life (w.m. Irving Berlin) Billy Murray
2395 When You Play in the Game of Love (w. Joe Goodwin m. Al Piantadosi) Manuel Romain
2404 Something Seems Tingle-Ingling (w. Otto Harbach m. Rudolf Friml) Walter Van Brunt
2428 When the Angelus is Ringing (w. Joe Young m. Bert Grant) Irving Gillette
2448 Roll Them Cotton Bales (w. James W. Johnson m. J. Rosamond Johnson) Premier Quartette
2468 Aba Daba Honeymoon (w.m. Arthur Fields & Walter Donovan) Collins & Harlan
2507 I Want to Go Back to Michigan, Down On the Farm (w.m. Irving Berlin) Billy Murray
2513 He's a Rag Picker (w.m. Irving Berlin) Peerless Quartette
2530 Sister Susie's Sewing Shirts for Soldiers (w. R. P. Weston m. Herman E. Darewski) Billy Murray
2542 My Melancholy Baby (w. George A. Norton m. Ernie Burnett) Walter Scanlan
2547 When You Wore a Tulip (w. Jack Mahoney m. Percy Wenrich) Walter Van Brunt
2548 Goodbye Girls I'm Through (w. John Golden m. Ivan Caryll) Owen J. McCormack
2561 On the 5:15 (w. Stanley Murphy m. Henry I. Marshall) Pete Murray
2580 I Didn't Raise My Boy to Be a Soldier (w. Alfred Bryan m. Al Piantadosi) Helen Clark
2586 Little House Upon the Hill (w. Ballard Macdonald & Joe Goodwin m. Harry Puck) Manuel Romain
2607 Play a Simple Melody (w.m. Irving Berlin) Mary Carson & Walter Van Brunt
2628 What is Love (Irving Berlin) Elizabeth Spencer & Chorus
2658 There's a Little Spark of Love Still Burning (w. Joe McCarthy m. Fred Fisher) Walter Van Brunt
2663 Alabama Jubilee (w.m. Jack Yellen & George L. Cobb) Collins & Harlan
2687 Hello Frisco! (w. Gene Buck m. Louis A. Hirsch) Harvey Hindermyer & Helen Clark
2693 By Heck (w. L. Wolfe Gilbert m. S. R. Henry) Jaudus Society Orchestra
2700 My Little Girl (w. Sam m. Lewis & William Dillon m. Albert Von Tilzer) Arthur C. Lichty
2749 When I Leave the World Behind (w.m. Irving Berlin) Glen Ellison
2759 They Didn't Believe Me (w. Herbert Reynolds m. Jerome Kern) Gladys Rice & Walter Van Brunt
2773 Keep the Home Fires Burning (w. Lena Guilbert Ford m. Ivor Novello) Frederick J Wheeler
2776 When Old Bill Bailey Plays the Ukulele (w.m. Charles McCarron & Nat Vincent) Billy Murray
2797 Molly Dear It's You I'm After (w. Frank Wood m. Henry E. Pether) Walter Van Brunt
2814 M-O-T-H-E-R (w. Howard Johnson m. Theodore F. Morse) George Wilton Ballard
2819 Just Try to Picture Me (Back Home in Tennessee) (w. William Jerome m. Walter Donaldson) George Wilton Ballard
2835 There's a Long, Long Trail (w. Stoddard King m. Zo Elliott) George Wilton Ballard
2839 I Love a Piano (w.m. Irving Berlin) Walter Van Brunt
2842 I've Been Floating down the Old Green River (w. Bert Kalmar m. Joe Cooper) Billy Murray
2877 Memories (w. Gustave Kahn m. Egbert Van Alstyne) Burton Lenihan
2897 I Can Dance with Everybody but my Wife (w. Joseph Cawthorn & John Golden m. John Golden) Billy Murray
2931 Where did Robinson Crusoe go with Friday on Saturday Night? (w. Sam M. Lewis & Joe Young m. George W. Meyer) Billy Murray
2942 Are You from Dixie? (w.m. Jack Yellen & George L. Cobb) Billy Murray
2957 Baby Shoes (w. Joe Goodwin & Ed Rose m. Al Piantadosi) Elizabeth Spencer
3019 Pretty Baby (w. Gus Kahn m. Tony Jackson & Egbert Van Alstyne) Gladys Rice
3038 There's a Little Bit of Bad in Every Good Little Girl (w. Grant Clarke m. Fred Fisher) Gladys Rice
3090 When the Boys Come Home (w. John Hay m. Oley Speaks) Frederick J Wheeler
3101 Oh! Frenchy! (w. Sam Ehrlich m. Con Conrad) Arthur Fields
3116 Mammy's Little Coal Black Rose (w. Raymond Egan m. Richard Whiting) Manuel Romain
3125 They're Wearing 'Em Higher in Hawaii (w. Joe Goodwin m. Halsey K. Mohr) Premier Quartette
3139 Pack Up Your Troubles in Your Old Kit Bag (w. George Asaf m. Felix Powell) Helen Clark
3140 That Funny Jas Band from Dixieland (w.m. Henry I. Marshal) Collins & Harlan
3197 Everybody Loves a Jass Band (w.m. Leon Flatow) Arthur Fields
3222 For Me and My Gal (w. Edgar Leslie & E. Ray Goetz m. George w. Meyer) Billy Murray
3275 Over There (w.m. George M. Cohan) Billy Murray
3321 Goodbye Broadway, Hello France (w. C. Francis Reisner & Benny Davis m. Billy Baskette) Arthur Fields
3324 Send Me Away With a Smile (w.m. Louis Weslyn & Al Piantadosi) Arthur Fields
3326 Good Luck and God Be With You, Laddie Boy (w. Will D. Cobb m. Gus Edwards) Lawrence E. Gilbert
3363 Goodbye Broadway, Hello France (w. C. Francis Reisner & Benny Davis m. Billy Baskette) Jaudus' Society Orchestra
3399 I'm All Bound Round with the Mason-Dixon Line (w. Sam M. Lewis & Joe Young m. Jean Schwartz) Vernon Dalhart
3411 All I Need is Just a Girl Like You (Burkhardt, Olman) Rachael Grant & Billy Murray
3426 They Go Wild Simply Wild Over Me (w. Joseph McCarthy m. Fred Fisher) Billy Murray
3500 Daughter of Rosie O'Grady (w. Monty C. Brice m. Walter Donaldson) Ada Jones
3504 Just a Baby's Prayer at Twilight (w. Sam m. Lewis & Joe Young m. M.K. Jerome) Homestead Trio
3516 On the Road to Home Sweet Home (w. Gus Kahn m. Egbert Van Alstyne) John Young & George w. Reardon
3617 Everything is Peaches Down in Georgia (w. Grant Clarke m. Milton Ager) Collins & Harlan
3634 Mandy (w.m. Irving Berlin) Billy Murray
3649 Ja-Da (w.m. Bob Carleton) Arthur Fields
3666 After You've Gone (w. Henry Creamer m. Turner Layton) Rachael Grant & Billy Murray
3675 When You Look in the Heart of a Rose (w. Marion Gillespie m. Florence Methuen) Edward Allen
3677 Rose of No Man's Land (w. Jack Caddingan m. Joseph A. Brennan) Moonlight Trio
3704 Madelon (w. Alfred Bryan m. Camille Robert) [Arthur Fields]
3714 I Found the End of the Rainbow (w.m. John Mears, Harry Tierney, & Joseph McCarthy) Irving Kaufman
3725 In the Land of Beginning Again (w. Grant Clarke m. George W. Meyer) George Wilton Ballard
3726 How Ya Gonna Keep 'Em Down On the Farm (w. Sam m. Lewis & Joe Young m. Walter Donaldson) Byron G. Harlan
3733 Beautiful Ohio (w. Ballard Macdonald m. Mary Earl) Jaudus' Society Orchestra
3739 Mickey (w. Harold H. Williams m. Neil Moret) Vernon Dalhart
3758 That Wonderful Mother of Mine (w. Clyde Hager m. Walter Goodwin) Will Oakland
3781 Dear Little Boy of Mine (w. J. Keirn Brennan m. Ernest Ball) Will Oakland
3846 Sipping Cider through a Straw (w.m. Carey Morgan & Lee David) Collins & Harlan
3872 Oh! What a Pal Was Mary (w. Edgar Leslie & Bert Kalmar m. Pete Wendling) Edward Allen
3876 That Tumble-Down Shack in Athlone (w. Richard W. Pascoe m. Monte Cobb & Alma M. Saunders) Will Oakland
3882 I've Got My Captain Working for Me Now (w.m. Irving Berlin) Fred Hillebrand
3955 Let the Rest of the World Go By (w. J. Keirn Brennan m. Ernest R. Ball) Marion Evelyn Cox & Harvey Hindermyer
3964 You'd Be Surprised (w.m. Irving Berlin) Billy Murray
3972 Old-Fashioned Garden (w.m. Cole Porter) Helen Clark
3976 When Honey Sings an Old Time Song (w.m. Joseph B. Carey) George Wilton Ballard
3982 You're a Million Miles from Nowhere When You're One Little Mile from Home (w. Sam Lewis & Joe Young m. Walter Donaldson) William Bonner
3990 My Isle of Golden Dreams (w. Gus Kahn m. Walter Blaufuss) Tuxedo Orchestra
4001 O (w. Byron Gay m. Arnold Johnson) Billy Murray
4006 Peggy (w. Harry Williams m. Neil Moret) Lopez & Hamilton's Kings of Harmony
4018 Daddy, You've been a Mother to Me (w.m. Fred Fisher) George Wilton Ballard
4027 Rose of Washington Square (w. Ballard Macdonald m. James F. Hanley) Lenzberg's Riverside Orchestra
4036 On Miami Shore (w. William Le Baron m. Victor Jacobi) Max Fell's Della Robbia Orchestra
4041 Oh by Jingo Oh by Gee You're the Only Girl for Me (w. Lew Brown m. Albert Von Tilzer) Premier Quartette
4042 Dardanella (w. Fred Fisher m. Felix Bernard & Johnny S. Black) Gladys Rice & [Vernon Dalhart]
4056 Veeda (w. Nat Vincent m. John Alden) Max Fell's Della Robbia Orchestra
4072 I'll See You in C-U-B-A (w.m. Irving Berlin) Fred Hillebrand
4085 Pretty Kitty Kelly (w. Harry Pease m. Ed G. Nelson) William Bonner
4103 Chili Bean (w. Lew Brown m. Albert Von Tilzer) Billy Murray
4140 I Wish That You Was My Gal, Molly (w.m. Irving Berlin & Ted Snyder) Manuel Romain
4149 All She'd Say Was "Umh Hum" (w.m. King Zany, Mac Emery, Gus Van & Joe Schenck) Reese Jones
4166 Feather Your Nest (w.m. James Kendis, James Brockman & Howard Johnson) Lenzberg's Riverside Orchestra
4182 Avalon (w.m. B. G. Desylva, Al Jolson & Vincent Rose) Raderman's Jazz Orchestra
4184 Old Pal Why Don't You Answer Me (w. Sam M. Lewis & Joe Young m. M.K. Jerome) Lewis James
4209 Broadway Rose (w. Eugene West m. Martin Fried & Otis Spencer) Lyric Male Quartet
4224 Broadway Rose (w. Eugene West m. Martin Fried & Otis Spencer) Raderman's Jazz Orchestra
4225 Home Again Blues (w.m. Harry Akst & Irving Berlin) Raderman's Jazz Orchestra
4227 My Mammy (w. Sam M. Lewis & Joe Young m. Walter Donaldson) Premier Quartette
4236 That Old Irish Mother of Mine (w. William Jerome m. Harry Von Tilzer) Allen Mcqhae
4242 Bright Eyes (w. Harry B. Smith m. Otto Motzan & M.K. Jerome) Orlando's Orchestra
4246 Do You Ever Think of Me? (w. John Cooper & Harry D. Kerr m. Earl Burtnett) Raderman's Jazz Orchestra
4264 Crazy Blues (w.m. Percy Bradford) Noble Sissle
4298 Loveless Love (w.m. W. C. Handy) Ernest Hare
4328 Peggy O'Neill (w.m. Harry Pease, Ed G. Nelson & Gilbert Dodge) Billy Jones
4331 Down Yonder (w.m. L. Wolfe Gilbert) Premier Quartette
4414 Tuck Me to Sleep in My Old 'Tucky Home (w. Sam H. Lewis & Joe Young m. George W. Meyer) Ray Cropper
4427 Ten Little Fingers And Ten Little Toes (w. Harry Pease & Johnny White m. Ira Schuster & Ed G. Nelson) Jones & Hare
4459 Dapper Dan (w. Lew Brown m. Albert Von Tilzer) Jones & Hare
4508 Dear Old Southland (w. Henry Creamer m. Turner Layton) Vernon Dalhart
4947 Barnacle Bill the Sailor (w.m. Carson Robison & Frank Luther) Frank Luther
4947 Big Bad Bill is Sweet William Now (Ager, Yellen) Ernest Hare
5049 Death of Floyd Collins (w. Andrew Jenkins m. Irene Spain) Vernon Dalhart
5052 She'll Be Comin' 'Round the Mountain (Traditional US) Vernon Dalhart
5230 My Cutie's Due at Two to Two Today (w.m. Albert Von Tilzer, Irving Bilbo, & Leo Robin) Al Campbell & Jack Kaufman
5315 Oh Bury Me Not On the Lone Prairie (w. E.H. Chapin m. George N. Allen) Vernon Dalhart
5412 Wal, I Swan! (Or Ebeneezer Frye) (w.m. Benjamin Hapgood Burt) Al Bernard
5482 Among My Souvenirs (w. Edgar Leslie m. Horatio Nicholls) Charles w. Harrison
5652 Big Rock Candy Mountain (Traditional US) Vernon Dalhart
5667 Wedding Bells are Breaking Up that Old Gang of Mine (w. Irving Kahal & Willie Raskin m. Sammy Fain) Billy Murray & Walter Scanlan

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