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Bank of Valletta

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Bank of Valletta is Malta's oldest bank and one of its largest.



  • 1809 William Higgins establishes the Anglo Maltese Bank.
  • 1812 George Thomas Jackson establishes Banco di Malta. Biagio Tagliaferro, a Genoese merchant, shipowner and ship-chandler establishes B. Tagliaferro and Sons - forerunner of Tagliaffero Bank.
  • 1830 The Scicluna family, also shipowners, establishes Joseph Scicluna et fils.
  • 1926 Joseph Scicluna et fils becomes Sciclunas Bank.
  • 1946 Anglo Maltese Bank and Banco di Malta merge to form the National Bank of Malta.
  • 1949 Sciclunas Bank becomes affiliated to the National Bank to form the National Bank of Malta Group.
  • 1969 B. Tagliaferro and Sons become part of the Group.
  • 1973 National Bank Group faces a run on the bank. The Central Bank refuses to act as a lender of last resort and blocks Barclays and other banks from supporting the Group.
  • 1974 The Maltese Government establishes Bank of Valletta (BV) to take over the business of the National Bank of Malta. BV sells 9.6% of its shares to the Maltese public.
  • 1975 BV sells 20% of its share capital to Banco di Sicilia.
  • 1976 BV acquires the National Bank Group's assets and liabilities
  • 1987 BV opens an office in London.
  • 1990 BV issues 4,900,000 ordinary �B� shares to the general public, which brings the public�s ownership to 28.2%.
  • 1992 BV becomes the first public company to be listed and its shares quoted on the Malta Stock Exchange.
  • 1993 BV establishes a representative office in Catania.
  • 1994 BV establishes a representative office in Toronto.
  • 1995 BV is privatized after Government sold 12,000,000 shares to the public, thus reducing its stake from 51.2% to 25.2%.
  • 1996 BV establishes a representative office in Milan.
  • 2000 BV opens a representative office in Tunisia and another in Libya.

Bank of Valletta also has a network of representative offices in Australia.

There has been some Nigerian spam emails claiming to use this bank's accounts.


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