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Web: http://www.akzonobel.com
Phone: +31-26-366-4433
Fax: +31-26-366-3250
Address: Velperweg 76, 6824 BM Arnhem, Netherlands
Geocode: 51.9886;5.9331


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Founding: 1994
Employees: 64000
Key people:


Subsidiaries: Organon, Intervet
Competitors: BASF, DuPont, Dow Chemical


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Stock: Euronext:AKZA, NASDAQ:AKZOY
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Akzo Nobel NV is a company active in the fields of healthcare products, coating and chemicals.

Akzo Nobel has activities in more than 80 countries.

Sales in 2004 were EUR 12.7 billion, of which 25% in Pharma products, 41% in Coatings, and 34% in Chemicals products.


Company divisions



The Pharma group manufactures products for both the human and animal healthcare markets. Products developed by the Pharma business include contraceptives (e.g., NuvaRing(R)), antidepressants (e.g., Remeron SolTab(R)), infertility treatments (e.g., Puregon(R)/Follistim(R)) and veterinary vaccines (e.g., Nobivac (R) dog and cat vaccines).



Akzo Nobel is world's leading coatings company. The brands it manufactures include Sikkens(R), International(R), Crown(R) and Interpon(R). These products were used on London's Millennium Wheel, La Scala Opera House in Milan, the Öresund Bridge between Denmark and Sweden, and Stadium Australia in Sydney.



Also as a chemicals producer, Akzo Nobel is a world's leading salt specialist, chlor-alkali products, and other industrial chemicals. Ultimately, Akzo Nobel products are found in everyday items such as ice cream, bakery goods, cosmetics, plastics and glass.



  • Intervet is a subsidiary for the research, development, manufacturing and marketing of animal health products.

Intervet's products include:

  • vaccines for the prevention of infectious diseases
  • anti-infectives
  • antiparasitics
  • feed additives
  • products for fertility management
  • other pharmaceutical specialties


Akzo Nobel was formed in 1994 when the Dutch company Akzo acquired the Swedish company Nobel Industries. Akzo itself is the result of a merger of 1969 of Algemene Kunstzijde Unie (AKU) und Koninklijke Zout Organon (KZO).

Airplane coating
Airplane coating

Various branches of the companies trace their traditons back to the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. Swedish weapons manufacturer Bofors once a part of Nobel Industries, is no longer a part of the company. The pharmaceutical division of the company consists of Organon International and Intervet, an animal health company specializing in veterinary vaccines.


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