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AG Communications Systems is a US telecommunication equipment manufacturing company.



Automatic Electric Company was a telephone equipment supplier for independent phone companies similar in many ways to the Bell System's Western Electric.

A precursor to the company was founded in the 1891 by Almon Strowger who was inspired by the idea of manufacturing automatic telephone exchanges that would not require operators. His company, the Strowger Automatic Telephone Exchange Company, held patents for equipment and leased them exclusively to Automatic Electric, which he helped form.

Among other equipment, Automatic Electric manufactured automatic stepping switches (or "Strowger switches") which enabled Strowger's vision. These switches allowed customers to connect their own calls without operator assistance. Because AT&Ts Bell System used Western Electric equipment exclusively, automatic switches proliferated in independent exchange carriers in the 1920s, well before the Bell System adopted similar technology.

The most notable independent was General Telephone (GTE). GTE bought Automatic Electric outright in 1955, and it continued operating into the 1980s.

In the days before touch tone dialing, the company's rotary dial phones had a distinctive buzzing sound as the dial returned to the stop position. Consumers who were used to the more common (and quieter) Western Electric phones found in the major cities were often annoyed by the noise it made.

In 1989, the assets of the company were placed into a joint venture between AT&T and GTE called AG Communications Systems. Ironically, this company is now controlled by Lucent Technologies. Lucent also owns many of the assets of the Western Electric Company, Automatic Electric's former rival and Bell counterpart.


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