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A-Channel is a system of three local Canadian television stations owned by CHUM Limited. CHUM purchased the stations from Craig Media in 2004.

Originally, Craig owned only two stations: CKX, a CBC affiliate in Brandon, Manitoba, and CHMI, branded as the Manitoba Television Network (or MTN), in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba (later Winnipeg, Manitoba). Looking to expand, Craig decided to counter CanWest Global's attempts to obtain licenses from the CRTC for television stations in Alberta. The first time in the early 1990s, neither company obtained a license, but the second time in the mid-1990s, Craig won against CanWest. (CanWest would later buy out WIC and assume control of its Alberta-based stations.) A-Channel stations in Edmonton and Calgary launched in 1997, and MTN adopted the A-Channel branding in 1999.

Craig tried to expand the A-Channel network to Hamilton (CHCH), Montreal (CFCF), Vancouver (CKVU), and Victoria (what would become CIVI), but was either denied by the CRTC or outbid by other buyers. They did, however, get a station in Toronto, Toronto One, which, while not part of the A-Channel network, broadcast a similar lineup to A-Channel's and also adopted a similar logo.

A-Channel broadcasts local programs (including the popular morning show The Big Breakfast), programs which are syndicated or not aired on other networks in the area, and programs from MTV Canada. A-Channel is also known for its Prime Ticket Movies, which have been a staple of the system since its MTN days.

On April 12, 2004, CHUM announced a deal to purchase Craig Media for $265 million. The sale was approved by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission on November 19, 2004, and became official on December 1. Toronto 1, due to CHUM already owning a station in Toronto, had to be sold to Quebecor, and its media units TVA and Sun Media

On February 3, 2005, CHUM announced that the current A-Channel stations would be rebranded as Citytv stations, effective the start of the fall 2005 television season. On March 15, the company announced that it would rebrand the NewNet stations under the A-Channel banner at the same time.


A-Channel stations

The three current A-Channel stations will be rebranded as Citytv in September, 2005:

At the same time, the A-Channel name will be moved to the following stations, which are currently branded as NewNet:



  • "Very Independent" (former)
  • "Connected To You" (current)

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