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Central banking

"The Federal Reserve is no more federal than Federal Express" - AC



Taxation instruments

  • Value Added Tax (VAT) - product & service tax
  • Income tax - the state tax
    • which goes only to paying (the Federal Reserve) for interest on the national debt (which was largely created by the Federal Reserve in the first place)
  • Interest - the bankers tax
  • Inflation - the silent tax
    • environmental destruction -> natural resource price increase -> product price increase -> reduction in buying power -> general price increase -> inflation
    • excessive money printing, without a corresponding gold/silver/... constraint -> intrinsic money value reduction -> general price increase -> inflation

See also:

  • Larry Becraft - taxman

The cost of living

  • Food and water
  • Housing (rent, house ownership)
    • Gentrification
  • Transport (car, public transport)
  • Social security (pension fund, healthcare insurance)
  • Telecommunication (phone, internet access)
  • Culture (television, radio, newspaper, magazines, outdoor entertainment, etc.
  • Family support

todo: Price control by product/service kartels: oil, water, transport, construction, telecom, etc.

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