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Cogito, ergo sum (I think, therefore I am) - René Descartes
Stronger than all the armies is an idea whose time has come. - Victor Hugo



Research and discuss with others

  • Organize a presentation and discussion (example: 911:Eindhoven - 11 Sept. 2006 - Eindhoven)

Propose structural solutions

Good educational accessibility (in whatever form) is one of the most important aspects, since the people need to understand their own freedom, their collective history, the mechanisms of governance, and their potential role in that history.

Note: Much more research into the true depth of the criminal and financial networks needs to be done, in order to provide effective and sustainable solutions to the current weaknesses in the governmental and corporate structures.



  • More liberal education forms, with less pressure to perform, and more attention for life passions and more practical experiences.
    • More attention for life related courses (art, philosophy, fascism/politics, cooking, physical expression and relaxation, ...)
    • Teaching critical thinking and Freethought

Democratic transparency



  • todo: improvements (and innovations/experiments) for the political process
    • types of democracies
    • dangers of increasing the (physical and mental) distance between the people and the state. (example cases: US and Europe)
    • dangers of limited accountability at the local and national level.

More accountable voting systems

  • verifiable paper trails (manually counted under the eye of several witnessess from various parties, and verified by the automated voting tabulations)
  • opensource voting system software
  • open data: votes, discarded votes, etc.
  • objective voting district design method
  • public research reporting into the safety of the voting computer systems
  • public voting computer selection process (cost/benefits analysis)
  • Warnings of dangerous secret society and mafia relations with politicians and/or their parties should be researched. Evidence of threats, violance, corruption and fraud should lead to individual prosecution and further criminal network investigations.

Open Source Intelligence

  • Possible reasons: reduce cost, improve transparency, and improve the quality of processing the available information.
  • strategical intelligence (long-lived relevance): is more than 80% of this already available to the public?
  • tactical intelligence (short-lived relevance): part of this should perhaps be kept secret to the public for a limited time.
  • More info: oss.net

Government power

  • (todo) principle: only manage what must be managed to protect:
    • freedom (including: democratic formation of the constitution and law, self expression, self reliance, equal opportunity)
    • safety from (the abuse of power by) corporations, governemental units, and the military (domestic or foreign).

Economic control principles and monitoring

  • (todo: taxation)
  • (todo: government spending)
  • (todo: central banking)
  • (todo: trade agreements)
  • (todo: excess wealth distribution)

Corporate control

  • There is a need for reclaiming financial fraud money into a save and democratic fund for society and its environment.
  • Better rules, monitoring and regulation of corporate funding into governmental structures.
  • Corporate cartels (and its executives and major stockholders) need to be prosecuted and fined for _all_ the damages incurred to society and/or other companies. The focus should be on restoring the economic balance for the sector, the financial loss, and environmental damages. Even if all this means prison sentences, bankcruptcy and major job losses.
    • in the case of benevolent split-ups/mergers/divestments of the corporate assets: an asset study must be made to determine the relative fine amount per corporate/personal entity
    • in the case of malevolent split-ups/mergers/divestments: extra legal sanctions and fines may be raised on the involved companies for a limited time.
  • Personal accountability for corporate crimes; no hiding behind "natural entity" legislation for corporations.

Military and Humanitarian support

  • Reduced and more effective military spending, such as:
    • humanitarian crisis support in civil war areas
    • more international defense cooperation (with clear project scopes and civil support)
  • Stronger governance split between governmental forces, such as the police and the military, and more regulative authority on the local level.

International Politics

  • Support and promote the Non-Aligned Movement as a more social aware and democratic United Nations alternative.


  • ...


  • http://www.wijvertrouwenstemcomputersniet.nl - Dutch effort to bring transparency to their voting system
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