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Nothing is as difficult as not deceiving oneself - Ludwig Wittgenstein



Personal neglect

The psychology behind the chronic obstruction of reason and emotion...

The mental state of rage and fear needs to be forced upon people, either by physical actions (war, starvation, discrimination, etc.), but more often through thought shaping via some form of social pressure.


Common childhood neglect

Children are not allowed to be children for too long. Once they enter a public primary school, their life is drastically changed forever. A new way of order and communication now needs to be taught, often in the context of a few dozen of other 'shocked' children.

Important things which made up a child's world before entering school, such as: personal creativity, curiousness, day-dreaming, body emotions, sleeping, nature exploration, are now being suppressed to a large extend. The child's focus should now be: listening (!), learning to read, writing and calculate. All this is done in a noisy and often sterile environment, and goes on for about 6-7 hours, 5 days a week. All the while their parents are busy with their own social life.


Political and sexual abuse

Projecting your own fear, frustration and rage outwardly.


Pedophilia networks

  • to research: Boystown
  • to research: Dutroux scandal
  • "Torture And Child Abuse in the Drug Free America Programs"
  • "Abuse cases put focus on Jesuits"
  • "Boston Globe news: Abuse in the Catholic church"

Brainwashing and Torture programs

  • Tavistock Institute
    • "Tavistock - The Best Kept Secret in America"
  • MK-ULTRA - code name for a CIA mind-control research program (with 139 to 150 sub-projects) that began in the 1950s.
    • MK-ULTRA, CIA and LSD
    • Project Monarch - "officially begun by the U.S. Army in the early 1960’s (although unofficially implemented much earlier) appears to be the most prominent and is still classified as TOP SECRET for “National Security” reasons.[9] MONARCH may have culminated from MKSEARCH subprojects, such as operation SPELLBINDER, which was set up to create “sleeper” assassins (i e. “The Manchurian Candidate”) who could be activated upon receiving a key word or phrase while in a post-hypnotic trance. Operation OFTEN, a study which attempted to harness the power of occultic forces was possibly one of several cover programs to hide the insidious reality of Project MONARCH."
    • Jonestown - one of the MK-ULTRA projects to test biological weapons?
      • "The truth behind truth Jonestown massacre"
      • google videos
  • Bob Lichfield - young adults brainwash training chief (political bribing)
    • google links
    • Tranquility Bay - brainwash school
    • Sue Cheff court case against Bob Lichfield/Tranquility Bay/WWASP/Ken Kay
    • todo: register other brainwashing programs
    • to research: International UN child protection convetion (not signed by Somalia and the US?)

See also


Social psychology

  • Wilhelm Reich
  • Sigmund Freud
  • B. F. Skinner - behaviour manipulation scientist
  • Michael A. Hoffmann II - author of "Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare"
  • "Overcoming People's Psychological Resistance to 9/11 Truth" - presentation by Ken Jenkins


  • to research:
    • drugs distribution, food and water manipulation and mind control
    • Kent Wiedeman - mindcontrol victim? (see Illuminati 2 segment (halfway in the film)
  • FBI's Behavioral Science Unit
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