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The major current problems with fascistic networks and governance are listed below, for a more abstract analysis on the underlying elements of authoritarianism and ultimately fascism, see: 911:Science of fascism.


Imperialistic Wars

  • The situation in the Middle East is very serious: besides the fascistic, petrodollar states, who's elite are proteced by the US army, there are multiple imperialistic wars (Iraq War, Wars in Afghanistan).
    • The main motive for these wars is to control the oil output, which leads to more petroleum price control for the Big Oil companies and other OPEC members, and thus more profits and power for them. These companies have been caught creating artificial oil scarcity by war in the Middle East. Its like taxing citizens all over the world, since nearly every society is heavily depended on oil-dependent products.
      • See also: Israel's strategic benefit with the war in Iraq.
    • In addition the US military industry is having a blast using, selling (and testing) their weapon systems, and other war gear to anyone who wants it. At the same time they want a "standing army", to keep the enormous government funded budget to cover the personal cost. The US military industrial complex is growing more and more out of control. See also: the "Why we Fight" video and the military spending charts.
    • All these wargames created environments for large-scale human suffering in the form of human casualties, torture, economic destruction, cultural destruction, environmental destruction, all with the goal of longterm destabilization to avoid any form of national souvereignity (destabilization example: the bombing of the Al-Shifa pharmaceutical factory).
    • The opium production in Afghanistan is still going strong, and is now under US control. The US has a long history of large-scale international drug trafficing, and the injection of drugs into communities for sedation and/or control.
    • The increase in nuclear prolifiration (due to more military conflicts around the world) and the US-driven context for a potential nuclear war between Iran, Russian, Pakistan, India, China, North Korea and the US, Israel and perhaps other allies. Such a third World War could have much more devastating and longterm effects than the previous two World Wars.
See this WTRG Economics oil price document. This data among other things shows Saddam was destabilizing the OPEC/Saudi oil-price control, leading to the 'first' US war in Iraq.
See this WTRG Economics oil price document. This data among other things shows Saddam was destabilizing the OPEC/Saudi oil-price control, leading to the 'first' US war in Iraq.

Mainstream Media

  • The mainstream media is censoring dissident voices, important facts and deliberately distracting people away from the real issues. People are subjected to these "weapons of mass distraction", which undermine the integrity of a democracy. The growing media blackout is due to the increasing centralization of media ownership and control, and the lack of proper regulatation, protest and other resistance against this.
  • Only the Internet and some radio stations are still a place for true free speech.

Corruption and fraud

  • Corporate controlled politics and media is already all around us today, especially now that the EU is becoming more and more a superstate, where the lobbyists and financeers of international corporations are able to influence politics and legislation ever easier.
    • This always leads to rampant corruption and money laundering in the government and corporations:
      • Election fraud
      • Govermental investments in private companies (owned or of interest to politicians or their friends).
      • Stock market schemes
      • Intentional accounting system failures.
      • Global criminal banking networks
      • Large scale drugs money laundering by the state.
      • Pension/savings fund fraud
      • Insurance fund fraud.
      • Financial crimes evidence destruction

Environmental destruction

  • Destruction of the environment, due to capitalistic greed, mass consumption, misinformed people, poverty, war and inequality. This will lead to more povertity, lower living standards, a weaker economy and probably more military violence.

Human rights erosion

The rights of people are slowly, but continuously, degraded, under the false-pretense of a 'war on terror'.

This human rights erosion can be seen in:

  • Changes to the constitutional freedoms, the judicial process, and personal privacy:
    • Homeland Security Act
    • Patriot Act
    • Patriot Act II
    • Executive orders (todo ...)
  • Limiting freedom of speech and freedom of organization.
  • Institutional discrimination based on: ethnicity, skin color, beliefs, social class, gender and sexuality.
  • Military torture, the rise of prison camps, martial law orders, shadow government structures (FEMA.
  • Capitalistic trade agreements, low minimum wages, unfair taxations.
  • The deliberate obstruction and destruction of worker unions.
  • Extreme intellectual property laws and its enforcement (DMCA).

The threat of terrorism is not only being hyped beyond the common sense threat assesment, but in fact most of the terrorism activities are completely fabricated, call it Synthetic Terror, by the US government and its worldwide co-conspirators. The events relating to the 9/11 attack, clearly show that terrorism is mostly a self-created threat by the intelligence agencies such as the CIA, MI5 (UK), ISI (Pakistan), Mosad (Israel), and others (even private intelligence companies). The real suspects of the 9/11 attacks are simply using the CIA, FBI, and other organisations to gain more fascistic control and stolen wealth.

The other extreme-right/capitalistic/fascistic groups are simply helpers in the fascistic terror-plots for a New World Order based on capitalistic and fascistic principles:

  • Al Qaida (with CIA funding via the ISI),
  • and the Middle-Eastern capitalistic Muslim Brotherhood group (and its sub-groups).

Social apathy

  • Many citizens are too unaware or lax to research and question the important information they receive.
    • Besides the dumbed-down media flood, which people receive each day, the weak educational contexts (school, TV, newspapers, radio, etc.), combined with authoritarian teaching structures are the major causes for this ignorance and social apathy.
    • Limited historic awareness among people is also part of the reason for ineffective government, politics, legislation and media attention about issues relating to long-standing corporate, governmental, and secret-society structures.
  • The desire of some people for more wealth, power, domination, and destruction are rooted in their personal and social history. The chronic obstruction of reason and emotion often starts at an early stage for many people. For more see: 911:Psyche.


  • Iraq war US military deaths
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