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Imperialism, threats and regime support.

  • Declaration of independence
    • Thomas Paine
      • From "The American Crisis by Thomas Paine: III": "What more can we say of ye than that a religious Quaker is a valuable character, and a political Quaker a real Jesuit." ??
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      • "Common Sense" - by Thomas Paine
  • WTO, MAI, GATT, ...
  • OECD, IMF, ...

Middle East


South America


Central America



  • See also: Piracy in the Caribbean, Buccaneers, Privateer
  • 911:Haïti
  • 911:Cuba
    • Fidel Castro relations with secret societies (member of the Knights of Malta Vatican society)
    • Press freedom: only for the Catholic Church
    • What was the real argument between Che Guevara and Fidel in 1964/1965?
      • Was this the reason for his abrupt dissappearance in 1965?
      • Was Fidel wavering support for Che's men in Congo? If so, why did Fidel do this?
      • Before and during Che's time in Congo: Mike Hoare was "saving many white European missionaries from possible torture and execution at the hands of the rebels." ... "South African mercenaries including Mike Hoare and Cuban exiles worked with the Congolese army to thwart Guevara."

South-East Asia

  • Chagos Archipelago - "In the following year, Tony Blair used the same archaic powers to prevent the Chagos Islanders from returning to their homeland in the Indian Ocean, from which they were secretly expelled so that the Americans could build a huge military base there. Last May, the high court described the treatment of these British citizens as "repugnant, illegal and irrational". - John Pilger

North Africa


Eastern Europe

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