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(todo: describe the human disturbance of the natural balance of energy/material input and output)


Raw materials

  • water
  • soil: intensive agriculture
  • mining: oil, gas, iron, silicium, ...
  • deforrestation
  • energy (transformation)
    • nuclear energy
    • research: waste, risk, state subsidies Versus "the gains"
      • anti-nuclear expert: Helen Caldicott (listen to her in this flashpoint radio interview)
        • workflow: uranium mining, transport, coal burned for the uranium enrichment process, waste products (...), waste distribution, nuclear waste storage, waste site protection.
      • The Long Now discussion on nuclear energy: [1], [2]
      • todo: research nuclear-lobby in Finland ("the nuclear industry needed a new plant to keep going")
      • Three Mile Island accident, Chernobyl disaster
    • wood, turf, coal, oil, gas, ...
    • wind, water, solar
    • bio-warmth differentials
    • bio fuels (hemp, soya, sugar cane, ...)

Toxic waste and pollution

  • food and water additives:
    • fluoride (first tested by the Nazi's in the 1930's)
    • aspertame
      • Donald Rumsfeld connection
  • traffic fuel combustion -> toxic dust + heating
  • micro-radiation:
    • depleted uranium dust
  • macro-radiation:
    • nuclear radiation
    • HAARP radiation
      • videos
      • HAARP Ionospheric Observatory
  • landmines
  • cluster bombs

Industrial animal abuse

  • ...
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