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todo: relate 'traditional' democracy to individual anarchism (the ultimate form of democracy)

As the reality of democracy - and only in some countries, and in imperfect forms - is still very young on the timeline of human civilization, there is still a lot of hope to expect the general awareness of freedom and fascism (and their political mechanisms) to grow.

The fragility of a democracy is its greatest weakness and strength. Being able to somehow sense - and then respond to - the problems, needs and wishes of each and every individual is essential to keep the wealth distributed (in a more reasonable manner), and to protect our freedoms and safety. Sabotaging the sensitivity of a democracy is saboting the very principles for which it stands. The problem is never with the democratic structure itself, its with the level of awareness among its voters.


  • merge more from this blog post
  • Magna Carta
  • Bill of Rights
  • Common Law
    • Category:Common law
    • Posse comitatus
  • Constitution
    • Constitutional republic


  • Hegelian Dialectic (examples: social chaos / order, political maze trap, ...)
  • Symbolism
  • Personal and occupational interest interference (POII?) - any interference of ones interest or occuptation with the execution of unrelate tasks (todo: examples)

Democratic spectrum

todo: descraibe the spectrum from the ultimate souvereignty of the individuals body and mind, to the ultimate democratic oppression.

  • Individual anarchism
  • ...
  • ...
  • Direct democracy
  • Representative democracy
  • ...

Social future

  • aspects: control, focus, valuation, stability/safety
  • social awereness (happiness, loneliness, fear, pain, ...)
  • water & food (agriculture, ...)
  • housing
  • labour
  • culture
  • disaster relief
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