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PS: I'm currently looking for interesting work in the semweb/web service/php/perl/linux/mediawiki field. So if any employer out there is interested, I can send my resume. I currently live in the Netherlands, but would be willing to relocate if I really like the job/location context. My ideal would be NZ ;-) , I much enjoyed my 2 month adventure there a couple of years ago. Email: [email protected]

I've now managed to setup the SPARQL powered REST interface for Wikicompany.


Booleans as in: "show biotech or healthcare companies operating in the US and Europe" are not correctly parsed yet:

Multi-value filters are also not working correctly yet (I suspect the ARC SPARQL parser does not correctly handle '&&' in filters). I emailed the author of ARC about this, (but perhaps I'll be able to fix this myself):

Relations (such as customers, competitors etc.) will soon also be findable using the REST interface. Sorting is also not fully implemented yet.
Now I need to setup a nice form interface for querying Wikicompany (and perhaps other relevant RDF repo's also!).

I like the current design of the REST interface, its simple and clean and allows for expressive queries (without any SPARQL knowledge).

I see the semantical tags and relations as the first noise filter., at some point in the future the results from these queries should also be able to be filtered based on full-text search.

An additional smart method would be to do optionally do a full-text search for each unkown semantical tag.

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