The American Dream: You have to be a sleep to believe it

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Long time no post. I’ve been mainly occupied with things other than freelancing and Wikicompany, since late summer 2006.

My part-time job at the Rijksmuseum is going fine, but there still a lot of ground work to be done, before frontend changes will be visible. My preliminary work on a new web interface for the Rijksmuseum library catalogue is called Metasearcher. Metasearcher is a Ruby on Rails based metasearch interface for standard query protocols such as SRU. I’ll post more on this interesting project some other day.

Whats been on my mind a lot since late summer is the rise of US fascism. Besides having given a (well accepted) presentation about 9/11 (including: the imperial wars thereafter, the media blackout, and the history of fascism relating to the US) on 9/11/2006 in Eindhoven, I’ve started to document my own journey into the history and fundamentals of fascism at Feel free to make changes, since its a wiki.
The eye

I always knew of the criminal influence of the CIA and other (secret) organizations towards their own people and other nations. However, the level of criminal intent, corruption and fraud is beyond belief if one starts to dig deeper into their history and their current structure and policies. As one example watch the videos about the stealing, privately owned, Federal Reserve US central bank, causing debt and poverty in the US.

I encourage anyone to start this journey for themselves, and reduce the time spend in front of the televsion. Its not easy, and it takes some time, but then again most of the best things in life take some effort (at least at first). Don’t just consume, express and impress.

This full political awareness brings a whole new view upon the world around you, and has made me realize even more how timely and important the struggle for freedom truly is. Not just in the US, but also in the rest of the world. In my experience most people who deny the urgency of action against the rise of global fascistic structures, are not very aware of political history and seem to just close their eyes and mind.

People who are ignorant (willfully or not) are a major part of the problem underlying the rise of fascism, because they tend to side with the bully, in the belief thats the easier and safer thing to do. Just as in preliminary school, it takes a strong will and courage to stand up against tyrrany.

With regards to military personnel; there is no valid excuse possible for supporting the killing of people in imperialistic wars, even if a prison sentence is the only other option. This moral justification question haunts many ex-soldiers to this day. Ignorance isn’t bliss. Research before you choose to join the army and kill in the name of an amorphous concept without real historic proof. If so, does that same concept make your apponent worth killing today? And is that the only solution left to the perceived problem?

This apathy towards ones own freedom and democracy is in large part due to the structure of our society , especially the mind-control excersized by the mainstream media. We are not ‘taught’ to be vigilant about our freedoms, to question authority, policies and news stories, to see hidden symbolism. Most people are unaware of the mind-control done using the hollow repetition of words like: terrorism, conspiracy, security, democracy, freedom and free markets. In psychology jargon those words are called “slides”, causing the mind to stop questioning the underlying arguments leading to the statement.

As the reality of relative democracy (but only in some countries) is still very young on the timeline of human civilization, there is still a lot of hope to expect the general awareness of freedom and fascism (and their political mechanisms) to grow. Education and respect for that which makes life worth living is the key here. See also this fascinating video lecture with Terence McKenna. Terence believes our main problem is our big ego, and that we need to re-evaluate our social structure and purpose. A society less focussed on individualism, consumption, and scientific progress, and more aware of the significance and beauty of a life style more in harmony with nature, including the humans on this planet.

The Internet is a very important invention on the timeline of human civilization, its the extension of local communication to an almost boundless (and costless) form of communication between humans. Looking eg. at the media blackout around alternative theories for what happend on 9/11 (and more importantly why), its clear that the Internet is filling the informational/educational gap left by traditional news businesses. The Internet is facillitating the democratization of information. And the fascistic forces against freedom will fight that any way possible, in all its subtle - and not so subtle - ways.

The average amount of television viewing time and newspaper/magazine subscriptions is dropping. This in turn causes more media kartelisation (to increase relative scale for cost reductions), creating an even larger gap between the spirit of Internet journalism and mainstream journalism, and in many ways the death of real investigative journalism by media companies.

What will be interesting to see is if (and then how) Internet journalism will be able support investigative journalism. I personally see lots of parallels between investigate journalism and free software projects, and perhaps I’ll write more about those business models some other day.

If you don’t have a lot of time to research these things yourself, I can recommend looking at the list of ‘whistleblowers‘ with many web/video/audio links to their important, couragous and inspirational investigative work. And also look up New World Order. It will open your eyes and mind to the reality of the rise of fascism. The next steps are up to you.

To be continued.

Jama Poulsen (blog at wikicompany dot org)

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