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PS: I'm currently looking for interesting work in the semweb/web service/php/perl/linux/mediawiki field. So if any employer out there is interested, I can send my resume. I currently live in the Netherlands, but would be willing to relocate if I really like the job/location context. My ideal would be NZ ;-) , I much enjoyed my 2 month adventure there a couple of years ago. Email: [email protected]

I've now managed to setup the SPARQL powered REST interface for Wikicompany.


Booleans as in: "show biotech or healthcare companies operating in the US and Europe" are not correctly parsed yet:

Multi-value filters are also not working correctly yet (I suspect the ARC SPARQL parser does not correctly handle '&&' in filters). I emailed the author of ARC about this, (but perhaps I'll be able to fix this myself):

Relations (such as customers, competitors etc.) will soon also be findable using the REST interface. Sorting is also not fully implemented yet.
Now I need to setup a nice form interface for querying Wikicompany (and perhaps other relevant RDF repo's also!).

I like the current design of the REST interface, its simple and clean and allows for expressive queries (without any SPARQL knowledge).

I see the semantical tags and relations as the first noise filter., at some point in the future the results from these queries should also be able to be filtered based on full-text search.

An additional smart method would be to do optionally do a full-text search for each unkown semantical tag.

Semantic tagging coming along

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Part of the transition from categories to semantic tags is now done on Wikicompany.

See the tags on these examples: Full Sail Brewing, VNU, Atos Origin

The tag browsing interface is still primitive, but because of the REST web service, a RSS feed with detailed info is available for each company, so many more details can be presented (logo, other tags, phone numbers, subsidiaries, etc).

Even mediawiki extensions can be used within the tag interface, as can be seen in the examples. This really shows the power of a good wiki platform, instead of a traditional CMS.

Semantic tagging todo's:

  • A commandline tool to extract the semantic relations from every article and dump these into the SMW tables.
  • The new company input form should register semantic annotations automatically.
  • A more usable interface for browsing tags, with dynamic filters
    • Better usability when searching and browsing tag-sets. Something like the ShopWiki page styles seems nice.
    • Move to REST URLs and services for the tag browse interface
    • Uniform multi-word tag input / output (not often needed, but still important)
    • A "related tags" function (based on the graph analyis of tags)
    • Flickr and delicious tag integration ("show the 5 most interesting pictures and links belonging to this set of tags"). Open web services are simply delicious.
    • Google maps rendering of companies per tag-set? I'm actually thinking to redo some of the geo interfaces on Wikicompany. Eg. provide a full-screen browse interface, in addition to the normal gmap view.

Another project I'm working on is a web crawler for creating company profiles from just a URL. Not an easy task, but very interesting work. Since the amount of user contributions is currently very low, this may provide a way to get many more free company profiles.

Webforms, semantic tagging, REST API

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I’ve been busy with several Wikicompany developments.

There is now an “add a company profile” web form. The old-way to create a new article was a bit too complex for most users. So, if you have a company profile to share, please do so. There are still some usability issues (image uploads, AJAX suggests for tag inputs) which I need to fix.

I’ve for some time been pondering the use of tags instead of categories. Wikicompany is now migrating to the Web2.0 world of tagging, but with a twist. The tags get a semantical annotation (and are then also RDF compliant!).

Reasons for this ’switch’?

  • The category system is too strict and maintenance heavy.
Listen to this great presentation “What Time Does to Categories” by Clay Shirky to understand the underlying reasons for this statement.
  • Easier input system for users.
  • Better search and browse possibilities.
  • Better REST web service integration, needed for internal and external content syndication.

For more details look here.

Then finally I implemented a true REST web service API for Wikicompany. The API supports RSS2.0/ATOM/JSON/HTML output. With the RSS output now supporting all profile fields. At some point a “HTTP PUT” interface may also be setup if there is a need. Some VNU Examples:

Once the semantic tagging system is working more complex queries can be answered.

Feedback is welcome via this blog, the mailinglist, or send an email to:

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